Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Spring is officially 1 week away and with the time change over the weekend, I'm so ready for it!  Delicate floral prints, whimsical pastels, flowing fabrics.  Here's some inspiration for you...Spring style:

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Wear

Acne jeans - FC ($45)
F21 top - FC ($6)
New York & Co cardigan - FC ($8)
Me too heels - FC ($14)
Vintage purse - FC ($10)
Vintage necklace - Xmas gift, Camber; belt - Xmas gift, Mom
Please excuse Buck, he was playing outside and snuck in again!

About my outfit:  I see bloggers here and there posting "weekend looks" and I just love the idea of showcasing a more relaxed, casual version of your everyday style.  However, I work all weekend.  Luckily, working at a consignment store, we don't have much of a "work uniform" so I can be as casual or as dressy as I like, provided I look relatively fashionable...or at least put-together!  For my version of "weekend wear" I wanted to be comfortable in jeans and a tribal crop-top.  I dressed it up a little with neutral sandal-heels and brought out the orange with my vintage purse.  The necklace was a Christmas gift from Camber via etsy (thanks, Cam!).  It's comprised of vintage pieces, featuring a watch front and see-through back.  Check out a better photo:

1970s -- BUBBLE Watch Necklace from Mom - not working - hope someone will up-cycle
1970s -- BUBBLE Watch Necklace from Mom - not working - hope someone will up-cycle

What's your weekend wear?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All-Black Base

Divided skirt - FC@MJ ($7.50)
F21 tee - FC ($6)
We Who See booties - FC ($16)
Vintage Ann Taylor purse - FC ($12)
Old Navy scarf (old) - gifted
Vintage earrings - FC ($6)

About my outfit:  I think a fun way to showcase a certain piece in your outfit is to pair it with all black.  An all-black base seems to really make a print or color pop!  The floral zippered skirt takes center stage in this look since I paired it with a black tee, tights and my favorite chunky wedge booties.  Finished it off with a gray scarf tied 'round my neck.  The scarf subtly combines gray with yellow in a plaid print which helps to tie in the gold accessories in my earrings and chain-strap.

I know Gracey sports an all-black base,
do you??

Monday, March 5, 2012

Technicolor: AZ Look #3

Coincidence & Chance skirt - FC ($13)
Gap tee - FC ($6)
J. Crew belt - gift from Mom during AZ trip!
Vintage Dex boots - FC ($24)
Vintage Bags by Supreme clutch - FC ($10)

About my outfit:  This is similar to my Arizona Day 4 outfit (polyvore), although I had to make some minor adjustments because I gave the top I actually wore to my Mom while we were in Arizona!  Instead, I continued the blue with a turquoise tee and then accentuated my waist with my new mustard belt.  Finished everything off with my statement bib necklace, which combines colors beautifully through bead work and ties with a ribbon behind your neck.  Of course the colors are continued within the skirt's stripes and vintage boots!

Hope you enjoyed my AZ Looks!
(in case you missed it: Look #1; Look #2)

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sweater-Vest: AZ Look #2

Delias jeans - gift from Mom, Uptown Cheapskate
J. Crew seersucker button-down - FC ($8)
Charlotte Eskildsen sweater-vest - gift fr Mom, consignment boutique, SC
Vintage Dex boots - FC ($24)
Anthropologie purse (old) - xmas gift, Mom
Picasso scarf - gift from Mom, Italy

About my outfit:  This is my Arizona Day 2 outfit (polyvore), which was determined by another day of shopping and general errand-running.  Again, I typically go for skinny jeans as a base when trying on clothes.  My button-down is easy to take on and off and the sweater-vest allows for a little extra warmth during the morning and night-time hours.  My red boots finished off this earth-toned look and my silk Picasso scarf tied it all together.

Do you wear sweater-vests?
1 more look to go - stay tuned!!


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