Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Wear

Acne jeans - FC ($45)
F21 top - FC ($6)
New York & Co cardigan - FC ($8)
Me too heels - FC ($14)
Vintage purse - FC ($10)
Vintage necklace - Xmas gift, Camber; belt - Xmas gift, Mom
Please excuse Buck, he was playing outside and snuck in again!

About my outfit:  I see bloggers here and there posting "weekend looks" and I just love the idea of showcasing a more relaxed, casual version of your everyday style.  However, I work all weekend.  Luckily, working at a consignment store, we don't have much of a "work uniform" so I can be as casual or as dressy as I like, provided I look relatively fashionable...or at least put-together!  For my version of "weekend wear" I wanted to be comfortable in jeans and a tribal crop-top.  I dressed it up a little with neutral sandal-heels and brought out the orange with my vintage purse.  The necklace was a Christmas gift from Camber via etsy (thanks, Cam!).  It's comprised of vintage pieces, featuring a watch front and see-through back.  Check out a better photo:

1970s -- BUBBLE Watch Necklace from Mom - not working - hope someone will up-cycle
1970s -- BUBBLE Watch Necklace from Mom - not working - hope someone will up-cycle

What's your weekend wear?


Rachels Lookbook said...

Love your shoes and your bag! My weekend go-tos are usually skinny jeans, a comfy tee with a scarf or a blazer or both and boots or flats.


tiny dancer said...

Hehe You're totally right! I always end up leaving my weekends for more experimental, on trend looks. I have to dress up at work (well not really, but I prefer to most days), so its fun to get to dress more casually for the weekends when I can wear something more comfy. I really like your outfit and I find the heels really spice it up :)


The Closet Shopper said...

That bag is so awesome.

My weekend wear will be PJ's this weekend. I don't want to do anything or go anywhere.


Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I love the pattern on your top and the heels are adorable (and what a great price!) I was dabbling with the idea of applying to my local consignment store but with a full-time and part-time job currently, I think it would be too much!

Kat said...

I'm glad you showed a close-up of the necklace because the other photos don't do it justice. It's totally adorable, right down to the tassel. BTW that first photo is simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Cute, I'm in love with these shoes <3


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