Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspiration: Color Me Happy

As a perfect segue into my upcoming wishlist for August, I decided to do another inspiration post.  Recently I've been noticing a lot of my posts are totally neutral colored and have decided: I need more color in my life!  See what I mean:
Check out the original post here
Original post here
Black and White:
Original post here
White and Brown:
Original Post
All Neutral:
Original Post
I really do like all the outfits above as neutral palettes and monochromatic looks have been popular recently...but, needless to say, I'm ready for some serious, saturated color!

Crazy Color:
via Tommy Ton streetstyle
Christopher Kane resort 2012
Unique Color Combinations & Print-Mixing
all 3: J. Crew
Monochromatic Color:
again, J. Crew (all 3)
Pops of Color on a Neutral Palette:
Anh from 9 to 5 Chic via Refinery29
via The Budget Babe
I'm ready for some print-mixing, color-blocking, and unconventional color combinations!

While it's safe to stick with basic, neutral colors, we all need some color in our lives.  It is important, however, to know your skin tone and which colors work for you.  Being olive-skinned, I personally tend to stay away from pastels while rich, jewel tones look good on me.  Here are some tips and tricks for figuring out if you have warm or cool undertones:
  • Check out your forearms.  Are the veins blue or green?  Usually blue-ish = cool and green-ish = warm
  • Consider your natural hair and eye color:  Generally speaking, dark hair and eyes means warm undertones while blue or green eyes and red or blonde hair means cool
  • Do you gravitate toward gold or silver? Usually silver = cool and gold = warm
Once you've got it figured out, here's a handy color chart for you so you know which colors and shades to stick with:

color chart via

How do you feel about color?  Are you a color pro or do you, like me, need to add some color to your life?  Feel free to link up any colorful outfit photos, I love the inspiration! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Voluminous Menswear

I haven't been feeling very creative lately and for that reason most of my titles have been pretty straight-forward (I was originally going to name this My Take on Menswear or Menswear for Women) so I hope you appreciate my feeble attempt.

Menswear for Women is not a new trend.  In fact, celebs have been sporting this classy look throughout the decades:
Marlene Dietrich, Ashley Olsen, Bianca Jagger, Leighton Meester
photo via
We also saw the androgyny of menswear-inspired looks on the SS 2011 Runways:
J. Crew via
Dsquared via
Reed Krakoff via

And it's not over either!  According to an upcoming trend for Fall 2011 is tuxedo dressing...but that's a story for another post.  For now, check out my take on menswear:
Vintage Calvin Klein skirt - thrifted, Bargain Box ($3)
American Eagle cami (old) - gifted by Mom
Vintage belt - Second Time Around ($4)
Vintage 70s wedges - STA ($20)
close-up of these fabulous wedges
It wasn't until I started documenting where I got each item that I realized this outfit is almost entirely vintage!  Love that!  I always keep it fitted on top when I wear a skirt with so much volume on the bottom so it doesn't overwhelm my petite frame.  While a button-down would really complete the menswear vibe, showing some skin with a tank top and pairing it with wedges helps to retain some femininity.

Anyway, the reason I call this my menswear-look is the skirt reminds of a mens khakis:

(By the way, this post was intended for Meagan's "Thursdays are for Thrifters" link-up but my schedule has been hectic lately and I didn't get to post until today.  I'll hopefully still link up so check out all the other thrifters' finds on her blog, Spunky Chateau!)

What do you guys think of the Menswear-for-Women trend?  Is it something you would wear?  How do you translate this trend for you?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Double Take: City Chic and Hot-Day Casual

As I went to look for which outfit to post today I realized ALL I've been wearing lately are shorts and I thought at least I could alternate them, which means today is another shorts day!

It's been a while since my last Double Take where I showed two different ways to wear: matching heels and clutch.  Today I'll show two different ways to style the same pair of linen shorts (for Fall and Summer)!

City Chic:
F21 linen shorts - FC ($7)
F21 sweater (in 1 size too big) - FC ($7.50)
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage belt - STA ($4)
Accessories: F21 sunglasses;
 thrifted layered necklaces; handmade wrap bracelet 

Hot-Day Casual:
(same) F21 shorts
F21 cami from years ago
Soho Lab wedges
Vintage belt - Bargain Box ($2)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke - FC ($40)

I really love the City Chic version but since I live at the beach in southeastern North Carolina, the oversized-sweater-with-shorts look isn't really practical for Summer.  The Hot-Day Casual (self-descriptive) look is more appropriate for the weather we've been having lately.  I'll just have to wait until Fall to bring the sweater back out.  I'm thinking it will definitely be a Fall staple of mine!

Celebs also love the City Chic oversized-sweater look: (images via
Kate Bosworth rocks hers with olive shorts and booties
(personal fav)
Rhianna keeps it casual with denim cutoffs and a fedora
This is a great casual look for errands around town.  You don't look like you tried too hard, yet it is still chic and put together!  For those of you who live in milder climates (or those who are just looking forward to Fall like me) here are some fun options (under $22.80):

What do you think about this combination?  Is it something you would rock in the fall or not?  Which celeb do you think wore it better?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Like Mary-Kate and Ashley

It's funny how the "blog world" inspires me!  I've recently seen a couple different posts from blogs I follow covering the Olsen twins (click here to read about J's Everyday Fashion Olsen style or click here to see how B.Jones Style plays with volume). 
I remembered I have these outfit photos in which I remind myself of one of the twins:
(old) Gap skirt - FC ($6.50)
American Eagle cami - Mom from long ago
Free People vest - FC ($12)
Sunglasses - F21 ($5)
Handmade wrap bracelet by Drew O'Reilly via FC ($18)

Maybe it's because I so often see them in maxi skirts and dresses:
Mary-Kate via
Ashley via The Budget Babe
Mary-Kate via
(personal favorite)
Or maybe it's because of the over-sized sunglasses they are always rocking:
Whatever the reason, I was instantly reminded of the twins when I saw these pictures my sister took (thanks Chan!).  Now many people cite the Olsens as serious style inspiration while on the total opposite end of the spectrum, many despise the way they dress.  I, myself, can find inspiration...I just tweak it to work for me:  in the above photos I defined my waist with a belt so as not to be swallowed up by the long length and layers!

How do you feel about the Olsen twins' style?  Do you love it or hate it?

...And, oh yeah, remember this?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Weather = Shorts Weather

There's been a serious heat wave all across the States recently.  Today's high is 98°F, the record is one degree away at 99°F, and the heat index means it really feels like 110°F.  Yeah...HOT.

There's no better alternative for hot-weather-fashion than shorts!  Luckily shorts have gotten a makeover this year making them easily work-appropriate, not to mention the new shorts suit...

Really, really loving the above photo.  Snagged it from B. Jones Style who did a post entitled The New Suit, check it out! 

The Spring runway showed us lots of other variations of shorts.  Here are my top picks:
(photos all via and there are lots more for your viewing pleasure)
Marc Jacobs
Paul & Joe
Sonia Rykiel
Badgley Mischka
Nina Ricci
The ones I'm wearing most closely resemble the last photo because of the paperbag-waist, which I'm reeeeally digging right fact it was once on a wishlist of mine!
Lush tank top - FC ($6.50)
Old Navy paperbag-waist linen shorts - FC ($7)
Vintage Donney & Bourke - FC ($40)
Charlotte Russe "flatforms" - FC ($8)
Multi beaded statement necklace - FC ($4)
Now, I realize that not everyone feels comfortable wearing shorts.  I, myself, used to never wear them...but there are so many different shapes and sizes out there that I know you can find a pair that works for you!  If you don't know where to start, pick up any summer fashion magazine-I've seen "best shorts for you" articles in all of them! 

Some tips to make your shorts work-appropriate:
  • Especially if you're short like me: Always wear your shorts with wedges.  Not only do they lengthen your legs and make you taller, they really add the finishing polished touch to your outfit.
  • Tuck it in!  High-waist anything has been a huge trend recently and why not?  Nipped in at the waist is universally flattering.  It also lengthens the (appeared) length of your shorts.
  • Pair it with a loose or longer sleeve blouse.  Fashion is all about balance and proportions.  If you've got something short/tight on the bottom, balance it out with something long/loose.
  • Like the shorts suit idea?  You don't have to go out and buy a set: Pair your shorts with a blazer you already own, it will really step your look up a notch.
Do you wear shorts in the Summer?  What's your favorite pair?  Let me know in the comments section!


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