Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's Wishlist

It's a new month and you know what that means...New Wants!

I was able to cross a couple things off of last month's wishlist (pictures to come) but not quite everything so the easy breezy palazzo pants will stay in the back of my mind along with bold stripes (although I'm part-way there since I have about 3 striped tops).  I gave up on the flat espadrilles since I quenched my thirst with the platform version (you'll be seeing them soon too!)

July is a tricky month for wishlist-making since it's about the hottest month we have here in southeastern North Carolina.  All the stores are getting their Fall items out, and the Fall/Winter 2011 runway collections have already begun...while we sit here in the sweltering heat.  I decided to continue to focus on Summer pieces (though all will transition nicely into the cooler weather in the many, many months to come).

Ok, ok for July I have on my wishlist:

1.  All Things 50s/60s

This includes (but is not limited to) full skirts, shift dresses, slim capris, and peter-pan collars.  Full, mid-length skirts or dresses are the main focus, but any and all are welcomed!
Inspired by:
None other than my very own Mad Men coverage here and here!!!
Her dress has the colors, pattern, and fullness I'm looking for!
And, of course, a medley of runway full-skirt looks!

2.  Shirt Dress

Shirt Dresses come in all shapes and sizes: from the classic and conservative button-down, the t-shirt dress, and the stole-my-boyfriend's-shirt-dress.  My focus is a t-shirt dress for easy wear in the hot summertime and a button-down style, which transitions easily into the Fall and Winter seasons.
Inspired by:
Emma Stone wears an awesome, unique take on the shirt-dress
Runway medley

3.  Denim/Chambray Dress

I put these items next to each other in the list because they easily overlap.  It would be perfectly acceptable to find a button-down-chambray-shirt-dress and I'd be able to cross two items off the list with one stone...but a lightweight, frilly one works too!
Inspired by:
Festival wear, such as this Cochella-attendee's dress
Of course, a runway medley

4. Tanks and Tees

This "wish" comes from a legitimate need within my wardrobe...so, I apologize for the lack of creativity in it.  I have acquired many printed skirts, shorts, and funky shoes and have found myself reverting to a basic white t-shirt with all of them.  This list includes fitted, slouchy, printed, and colorful tank and tees to layer and (mostly) tuck!
Inspired by:
(The general lack of tops in my personal wardrobe)
Wearing the same white t-shirt and/or tank top in each picture

5.  Nude Wedges

Really, these are a no-brainer for any woman's wardrobe as wearing a color close to your skin tone (on your shoes) lengthens your legs.  I went with wedges since they are the most comfortable, but any style nude shoe would work.  My trouble might be finding the right shade of "nude"...
Inspired by:
A runway model isn't a very good example
 of nude shoes' leg-lengthening effect...

However, countless celebrities show off their legs with nude heels

Stay tuned to see which items I'll be able to cross off my list this month and how I'll wear each item!  Also, coming up soon: the ways I'm wearing the items I crossed off last month's list!!!
What's on your wishlist right now?  Share what you need in your wardrobe in the comments!

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