Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mad About MADMEN Part 2: All Around

Continuing with the Mad Men event coverage...here are some pictures that focus more on the sights and the many fashionable attendees!
Camber and Amanda pose in a vintage red convertible
The lovely lingerie models
And 50s swimsuit models pose with a look-a-like
This well-dressed attendee got her dress off ebay for $30!
What a steal!
The "Betty" winner wears a dress from Second Time Around
The "Peggy" winner wears an all-Fairy Circle ensemble!
This attendee looks like she's ready for a trip to the 50s beach!
The "Joan" winner poses poshly
CandyShopVintage came from Charleston to share her goodies!
Camber and Amanda pose with the STA ladies
Here we pose with the woman of the hour, Style Girl Jess James
Camber spots some great finds on the STA rack
STA's jewelry and (below) hat and clothing displays
(including a vintage jumpsuit and Lilly Pulitzer dress!)

I hope you all enjoy seeing these quick snaps from the truly amazing "We Miss MadMen" event!  It was so much fun to attend (as evidenced by the photos) and I hope to attend more and more of these types of things with photo coverage every time!  A big thanks again to Jess James and Hilton for arranging the entire thing!

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