Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Floral Fever

I absolutely adore floral patterns!  I don't know what's come over me but this season I have suffered from floral fever.  Everything floral I see: I love.  And what's not to love?  The pattern and colors are perfect for the warm Spring and Summer weather!  And check out all the floral on the SS Runway:
Chris Benz's floral ensembles are totally my style!
D&G kept is simple, sweet and oh-so-wearable
Chanel's take on floral with a dark twist
Betsey Johnson: floral pro

I finally fulfilled my quench for floral shorts, which were on my original April/May Wishlist, when they came into the shop a couple weeks ago:
Forever 21 shorts - FC ($7.50)
J. Crew tee - FC ($7)
Soho Lab Wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage purse - Mom's
Beaded statement necklace - FC, sunglasses - F21
I love how this last photo really shows the detail on this purse.  I don't know a better way of describing it other than that it is a sort of "etched" leather. The front has a floral pattern and the back (which you can see above) is this awesome aztec calender design.  This purse was my mom's from the 70s...I actually think my dad gave it to her!  How cool!

Oh by the way-if the background in these images looks familiar, it is!  Camber snapped these photos of me before I photographed her 3 personal style looks right in her awesome backyard.  To see Camber's amazing looks from that day (including a fab floral skirt) click here (or scroll down).

And for those of you also suffering from floral fever, here's some medication:
 Do you have floral fever?  How do you wear this perfect-for-Summer trend?  Voice your opinion in the comments section!  I enjoy and truly appreciate all your lovely comments :)


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love those shorts and that fabulous bag from your mother.

Vanessa said...

yes, yes- i'm guilty of the fever for flowers! Love the Betsey Johnson dress you highlighted, and your shorts are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my site earlier!

Hannah said...

I am so jealous of that bag! It is GORGEOUS!

Lindsey said...

Shorts are cute, cute, cute! I have a pair of floral tights I haven't busted out yet, waiting for the right moment, and just the right amount of crazy in my outfit....


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