Friday, September 30, 2011

The Best Form of Flattery: Ali Larter edition

For this edition, I am interrupting my schedule of designer-inspired looks to post a celebrity look to be linked to Two Birds' Inspiration Monday:
Paper, Denim & Cloth jeans - FC ($20)
J. Crew t-shirt - FC ($7)
Vintage sequined cardi - hand-me-down, Aunt Margaret
Pink Studio wedges - FC ($12)
Vintage chain belt - FC ($3.50)
Vintage clutch - thrifted, long ago
Necklace - FC ($3)
Included these close-ups so you could see my accessories and the detail in the cardigan:

I took the inspiration to add a sequined cardi to a casual combination of retro-inspired jeans + white tee from this Ali Larter look posted by Two Birds:

When I first saw the inspiration for Two Birds' Inspiration Monday, I just knew I needed to find a sequined cardigan.  It has been something that I've seen on a number of bloggers and always loved how it adds some glam to a casual outfit.  Here's where the funny story comes in:
I was working at our Monkey Junction location and my friend Camber (remember Camber?) was working at the original location.  I scanned the aisles - didn't see anything - so called Cam to see if she had seen any sequined cardis at that (larger) location.  She said no, but reminded me that she had bought a pink sequined cardigan from A Second Time Around a couple years ago.  Well, my friends, that pink sequined cardigan she bought was something I had consigned of my Great Aunt Margaret's.  Cam said she had never even worn it and brought it (back) to me!
Can you believe this cardigan was my great aunt's?  And how crazy is it that, of all people, Camber bought it so now it has come back to me!?  And, even more unbelievable is the fact that this isn't the first time this has happened!  A Fairy Circle consigner brought in a pair of beaded heels that she had purchased at A Second Time Around.  These beaded heels were my Mom's from the 80s that I had taken to sell at STA (which, unlike us, specializes in vintage)  The heels, however, are still available at FC since they're not my size :(

About my outfit:  I already had a pair of high-rise, flare leg, retro-inspired jeans and a white t-shirt.  So when Camber brought me the cardigan my outfit was ready to go.  I copied the inspiration photo even more by adding the extra long necklace and throwing my hair in a side braid.  I added the wedges for height and carried a clutch for added glam.

I know you all love thrifting, so tell me:
Do you have any unbelievable consignment/thrift stories?

Sweet Serendipity

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Best Form of Flattery: J.Crew edition

In my previous inspiration post I showed you some of my favorite looks from some of my favorite designers.  Now I'd like to show you my take on some of their looks!  Up first, inspiration from J.Crew:
(Old) Gap skirt - FC ($6.50)
J. Crew tee - FC ($7)
Vintage belt - STA ($5)
Scarf - gifted by my cousin
Pink Studio wedges - FC ($12)
Vintage LV (not featured in this pic) - handed down by Mom
Statement earrings - gifted, Camber; wrap bracelet - FC
wanted to show you how it looked from the side -
apologies for the pantie-line shot - I had no idea!!!

I took the inspiration to layer a belt on top of a scarf from this J. Crew look:

About my outfit:  I originally wanted to try this quirky combo over my coral dress (seen here, here and here) but didn't like the way it looked at all and ended up bringing it to the shop with me to consign.  Instead, I chose a skirt and top combination to create the illusion of a dress.  I love the unusual pairing of gray and brown and I think the scarf adds a subtle yet eye-catching touch to the outfit.  What I probably love most about this outfit is how lengthening the column skirt and monochromatic colors are.  My neck felt bare but since there was so much going on at my waist I decided, instead, on statement earrings and my go-to wrap bracelet.  I think the end result is a classic and elegant look!

Have you ever worn a belt on top of a scarf?

P.S. Stay tuned for more Inspiration Editions...a lot of people commented on the "grandma chic" J. Crew look so I'm thinking about including that one in this little segment :)  Let me know if there are any other looks you love and would like to see me re-create or feel free to link up to an inspired look of your own!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inspiration: Classic with a Twist

It seems like there's no end to this I skipped out on an outfit picture and realized it's been a while since I did an inspiration post!  We all gather inspiration in so many ways.  One of the most obvious, perhaps, is from designers themselves and what they show us on the runway.  I have been finding myself inspired by classic styles and designers recently...but, of course, classic with a twist!  (all photos via

My favorite classic designer inspiration has been coming from J. Crew these days:
(See even more inspiration from the Fall collection in this post
perfect trousers
classic skirt and blouse
"grandma chic"
sweater + maxi
(saw this trend in each of these 3 designer's collections)
gorgeous trench

My top 3 from the Spring 2012 collection:
fancy meets casual
print mixing continues
playing with proportions and colors

Another classic designer worthy of taking inspiration from, is Michael Kors:
70s style
menswear goes monochrome
70s diva queen

My top 3 from the Spring 2012 collection:
sweater + skirt
printed trench-dress
safari chic

And then there is Ralph Lauren, whose classic designs have been inspiring us for decades:
classic black & white with a midi twist
boho heaven
casually classic with a boho twist

My top 3 from the Spring 2012 collection:
40s style
40s style midi skirt

Part of the reason I wanted to do this inspiration post is because I am literally taking inspiration from each of these classic designers!  You've already seen me re-create this Michael Kors look here:
See what I'm wearing in the original post

Now, stay tuned to see my re-creations of these looks!:
Ralph Lauren

Are you digging the "classic with a twist" style like me?
Who is your favorite designer?  Which runway look is inspiring you the most right now?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Laid Back Shorts-Suit

It is still raining...yuck!  I feel limited when it rains because of the "dressing for rain" rules I follow.  Shoes that can get wet...shorter hemlines...all cotton...
F21 floral shorts - FC ($7.50)
Gap t-shirt - FC@MJ ($6.50)
Ipanema sandals - FC ($8)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse - FC ($40)
Beaded statement necklace - FC ($4)
Layered friendship bracelets

These rules prevent me from wearing any fancy materials such as silk or rayon, leather heels or wedges, and I steer clear of most of my vintage as I don't want to risk any damage.  With my rules in mind, I came up with a casual, laid back look perfect for a gloomy day.

About my outfit:  I wanted to wear my rain-proof sandals because A) it's still too hot for boots and B) I don't have any rain-boots anyway!  Since I was wearing flats, I wanted to go with a fairly short hemline so my legs wouldn't look any shorter than they already are :).  The teal adds a pop of color, accented by my go-to statement necklace and layered friendship bracelets, to combat the gloom.  I threw on the black cardigan to remind myself that Fall technically is here and I was instantly reminded of a shorts-suit.  I really would love one but since I don't have one this is my laid-back, casual take!

Would you wear a shorts-suit?
What do you wear when it rains?
Are there any rules that you follow for getting dressed on rainy days?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy Day Woman or An Accidental Mix of Prints

Rain, rain, rain.  I saw on the news that this area has received about 15 inches worth since the beginning of August.  Good for the earth, bad for my closet...
Kimchi & Blue dress - FC ($16)
Mossimo cardigan - Xmas gift from Mom
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo heels - FC ($12)
Anthropologie purse - Xmas gift from Mom
Beaded statement necklace - FC ($4)

Yes, I have 2 titles for this post.  My gut went with "Rainy Day Woman" as an ode to good ol' Bob Dylan, and one of my favorite songs from my high school years.  However, after uploading my photos, I realized I had mixed my prints!  Subtly and accidentally...but print-mixing nonetheless!

About my outfit:  I tend to go for dresses when it rains so I don't have to deal with soggy hems.  I also look for fabrics that can get wet and will dry out easily.  I added the cardigan to keep me warm (I get cold when I get wet) and the necklace added a pop of color to tie it all in.  The purse is an Anthro find that I carried until it practically fell apart.  The different colored details are recycled fabrics, hand-crafted in Africa.  I originally had a belt on that tied the color of the purse in but decided to take it off for 2 related reasons: 
  1. The dress is A-line with an empire-ish waist.  I was trying to wear my belt at my waist and it just seemed off, and sort of poofed the fabric out a bit...
  2. I always belt my waist.  I have even thought about getting rid of the dress because it doesn't cinch at my waist.  SO, this was an attempt at stepping outside of my comfort zone and leaving my waist bare!
Realizing I had no vintage in the outfit (gasp) I finished the look off with my Ferragamo pumps.  Their low-heel is perfect for errand-running and the neutral color goes with everything.  The mix of prints is in the abstract dress, the subtle print on the mustard cardi, and, of course, my leopard-print umbrella is the icing on the cake!

Here's a throw-back for you:

Have you ever accidentally mixed your prints??  
And, tell me your opinion:
Should I keep the A-line, empire waist dress?  Or do you (like me) prefer a cinch at the waistline?


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