Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy Day Woman or An Accidental Mix of Prints

Rain, rain, rain.  I saw on the news that this area has received about 15 inches worth since the beginning of August.  Good for the earth, bad for my closet...
Kimchi & Blue dress - FC ($16)
Mossimo cardigan - Xmas gift from Mom
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo heels - FC ($12)
Anthropologie purse - Xmas gift from Mom
Beaded statement necklace - FC ($4)

Yes, I have 2 titles for this post.  My gut went with "Rainy Day Woman" as an ode to good ol' Bob Dylan, and one of my favorite songs from my high school years.  However, after uploading my photos, I realized I had mixed my prints!  Subtly and accidentally...but print-mixing nonetheless!

About my outfit:  I tend to go for dresses when it rains so I don't have to deal with soggy hems.  I also look for fabrics that can get wet and will dry out easily.  I added the cardigan to keep me warm (I get cold when I get wet) and the necklace added a pop of color to tie it all in.  The purse is an Anthro find that I carried until it practically fell apart.  The different colored details are recycled fabrics, hand-crafted in Africa.  I originally had a belt on that tied the color of the purse in but decided to take it off for 2 related reasons: 
  1. The dress is A-line with an empire-ish waist.  I was trying to wear my belt at my waist and it just seemed off, and sort of poofed the fabric out a bit...
  2. I always belt my waist.  I have even thought about getting rid of the dress because it doesn't cinch at my waist.  SO, this was an attempt at stepping outside of my comfort zone and leaving my waist bare!
Realizing I had no vintage in the outfit (gasp) I finished the look off with my Ferragamo pumps.  Their low-heel is perfect for errand-running and the neutral color goes with everything.  The mix of prints is in the abstract dress, the subtle print on the mustard cardi, and, of course, my leopard-print umbrella is the icing on the cake!

Here's a throw-back for you:

Have you ever accidentally mixed your prints??  
And, tell me your opinion:
Should I keep the A-line, empire waist dress?  Or do you (like me) prefer a cinch at the waistline?


Style Journey said...

Loving the color combo today! You should definitely keep the dress. It's hard not to belt, believe me, but sometimes it's nice to go with something out of the norm. You could also wear it as a skirt, so then you could belt it too :) Have a nice weekend! Heather

Rin said...

I love this color combination. I don't blame you for wanting to belt you waist, but I don't think you need to.

kileen said...

i love the leopard print umbrella!! how awesome and it's the perfect accidental mix of prints!

cute & little

Anonymous said...

I really love the colors in your outfit - seems perfect for a gloomy day. Love the loose look of the dress - hooray for breaking out!


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