Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inspiration: Classic with a Twist

It seems like there's no end to this I skipped out on an outfit picture and realized it's been a while since I did an inspiration post!  We all gather inspiration in so many ways.  One of the most obvious, perhaps, is from designers themselves and what they show us on the runway.  I have been finding myself inspired by classic styles and designers recently...but, of course, classic with a twist!  (all photos via

My favorite classic designer inspiration has been coming from J. Crew these days:
(See even more inspiration from the Fall collection in this post
perfect trousers
classic skirt and blouse
"grandma chic"
sweater + maxi
(saw this trend in each of these 3 designer's collections)
gorgeous trench

My top 3 from the Spring 2012 collection:
fancy meets casual
print mixing continues
playing with proportions and colors

Another classic designer worthy of taking inspiration from, is Michael Kors:
70s style
menswear goes monochrome
70s diva queen

My top 3 from the Spring 2012 collection:
sweater + skirt
printed trench-dress
safari chic

And then there is Ralph Lauren, whose classic designs have been inspiring us for decades:
classic black & white with a midi twist
boho heaven
casually classic with a boho twist

My top 3 from the Spring 2012 collection:
40s style
40s style midi skirt

Part of the reason I wanted to do this inspiration post is because I am literally taking inspiration from each of these classic designers!  You've already seen me re-create this Michael Kors look here:
See what I'm wearing in the original post

Now, stay tuned to see my re-creations of these looks!:
Ralph Lauren

Are you digging the "classic with a twist" style like me?
Who is your favorite designer?  Which runway look is inspiring you the most right now?


Sherry said...

Not just "diggin" - completely head over heels for it!!!! So incredibly in love with everything from J.Crew right now and I love the looks you posted from both Ralph and Michael (like I'm on a first-name basis with them, LOL!). Great inspiration!!

Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE the 'Grandma Chic' outfit! I may have to copy it! JCrew is all the rage right now! Really loving their brights and just their over all feel!

P.S., the clothing line Shakuhachi from Urban outfitters can be found online, so check it out!

Style Journey said...

Love the grandma chic look from JCrew! Their new fall catalog has quite a bit of inspiration. Love the monochromatic looks and their matchstick pants. Just wish I could force myself to stomach the prices! Heather

Wida said...

Ralph Lauren was the best for sure!!

Missing Amsie Blog

Sarah said...

I love these looks, especially the maxi skirt with the jumper. I barely follow runway looks to be honest, but these are great.



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