Saturday, September 24, 2011

Laid Back Shorts-Suit

It is still raining...yuck!  I feel limited when it rains because of the "dressing for rain" rules I follow.  Shoes that can get wet...shorter hemlines...all cotton...
F21 floral shorts - FC ($7.50)
Gap t-shirt - FC@MJ ($6.50)
Ipanema sandals - FC ($8)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse - FC ($40)
Beaded statement necklace - FC ($4)
Layered friendship bracelets

These rules prevent me from wearing any fancy materials such as silk or rayon, leather heels or wedges, and I steer clear of most of my vintage as I don't want to risk any damage.  With my rules in mind, I came up with a casual, laid back look perfect for a gloomy day.

About my outfit:  I wanted to wear my rain-proof sandals because A) it's still too hot for boots and B) I don't have any rain-boots anyway!  Since I was wearing flats, I wanted to go with a fairly short hemline so my legs wouldn't look any shorter than they already are :).  The teal adds a pop of color, accented by my go-to statement necklace and layered friendship bracelets, to combat the gloom.  I threw on the black cardigan to remind myself that Fall technically is here and I was instantly reminded of a shorts-suit.  I really would love one but since I don't have one this is my laid-back, casual take!

Would you wear a shorts-suit?
What do you wear when it rains?
Are there any rules that you follow for getting dressed on rainy days?


Style Journey said...

Cute shorts! I hate rain and dressing for it too! Unfortunately I don't have any magic formula for it!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfits too. Started following you non blogspot xx

Cara said...

Short suits are big for Spring 2012, so I may be willing to give it a try. You look great, and your legs look a mile long! I also wear shorter hemlines and waterproof shoes for rain and fabrics that dry easily.

Anonymous said...

Very cute - you look great in turquoise. Love, love those shorts

Rin said...

I love this. I can't stop staring at your legs (in a totally non-creepy but very jealous way). Love love love


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