Saturday, September 3, 2011

Making a Statement

There's a lot of talk about "statement jewelry" in the fashion-sphere...but what exactly is "statement jewelry"?  I found a great summary on
  • "I think of statement pieces as interesting, attractive and relatively eye-catching wardrobe items that reflect your personality.  They are usually quite bold and unique, but not necessarily brightly colored and oversized.  They are often, but not always, the thing people notice first about your outfit."
Forever 21 shorts - FC ($7.50)
Ann Taylor Loft (red) shirt - FC ($7)
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse - FC ($40)
Multi beaded statement necklace - FC ($4)
F21 sunglasses; multi friendship bracelets

This is by far my favorite "statement necklace": it's the one that made me decide I need more statement necklaces.  It is my favorite to the point where my friend commented that I had been wearing it too much...never a good sign...but I can't help it - it matches everything!  I love statement necklaces paired with crew-neck tees or with a simple dress as a pop of color, it instantly adds oomph to any outfit!

There's plenty of blogger inspiration out there for how to wear a statement necklace:
Liz of Late Afternoon and Bee of Atlantic-Pacific
are statement necklace PROS!
zara hot pink blazer, gap blue jersey dress, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, charlotte russe gold skinny belt, mk5430, handbag heaven vieta veronique buckle satchel, little fluff stuff flower statement necklace
Kileen of Cute & Little accents hers classically
Emerald of Sunday Crossbow gives pearls a casual twist
J of J's Everyday Fashion posted a look with inspiration today
and check out her post on 4 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

I've gotten a lot of wear out of this ($4) necklace.  Check out some of the previous ways I've worn it:
original post
original post
original post
original post

I'm linking up to Freckles in April the 21 Day Challenge again so go check it out!

What do you consider "statement jewelry"?  What's your favorite statement piece and how many ways do you wear it?  Link up any looks in the comments section!


Ally said...

Ok I know that this post is about the statement jewelry, but I can't get over how cute those shorts are! Also...that BAG!!!!! I HAVE to make a trip to NC to get to your store, lol. I finally have internet so I'm getting all caught up on what I missed from you :)

Anonymous said...

I love your shorts! I've been jonesing over a pair of floral shorts, and you have found the perfect pair! I'm insanely jealous!


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