Sunday, May 22, 2011

Longer Lengths and Flatforms

When I previously shared this with you...

...this is what I really looked like!

(See old post for What I'm Wearing and Where I Got It)

Today I'm actually wearing something similar, which is why I settled on the "Longer Lengths" title...I have a maxi skirt on again today (free people).  I really love maxi skirts for hot summer days that I still haven't had a chance to shave my legs for...  Another funny item I have on today are what I (and countless magazines) like to call "flatforms"  Mine are super platform wedges that feature very little actual wedge.
Chloe Wedge Flatform Espadrilles
Here is the idea, though I, of course, think mine are cuter (pictures to come).  I'm also now carrying my new old Dooney & Bourke bag (again, pictures...coming).

Oh and by the way, boyfriend made delicious banana pancake/crepes again this morning and I'd like to share the delicious, nutritious, and unbelievably easy recipe with you:
Banana Pancake-Crepes:
-3 eggs
-1 banana
-sprinkle of salt (optional)
-ground flax (optional - bf added, couldn't even tell!)
Mix together to form batter, pour onto greased pan/skillet, flip, add butter, cinnamon, or top with fruit to taste.  Annnnd voila!  They should look something like this:
If you try this, let me know what you think in the comments!

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