Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vintage Neutrals

New Shoe Sunday!  Haha, I like to first try out a pair of new shoes during my Sunday short shift at the Monkey Junction location...this let's me know if I'll be able to wear them for a long shift at the busier, College Rd location!  My outfit today is almost entirely vintage...

What I'm Wearing And Where I Got It:
1. Skirt: vintage Calvin Klein menswear style maxi - thrifted
2. Shirt: white J. Crew flower embellished neckline tee - FC
3. Shoes: vintage Paul Stuart tan and white spectators (I posted 2 shoes up there because mine is sort of a cross between the two) - FC
4. Accessories: vintage thrifted brown belt, brown handmade wooden earrings, 3 vintage gold rings + cuff

This one's for you, Mom:

Found this ring while searching vintage rings on's Betsey Johnson, only $50!

Annnnnnnd here is a quick peek at my amazing new (old) bag!  This one is very similar to mine, it is vintage 1970s LV by the French Co. previously carried by my lovely mother.  I actually had it for sale at FC when the zipper was broken and everyone thought it was fake because the print is right-side-up on both sides...well, turns out the French Co. made some this way during a short period of time in the 70s!  So not only is it vintage but it is limited edition!  So glad I held onto it and finally got the zipper fixed! Thanks Mom!


Rhonda said...

Fabulous ring!

StaceyKo said...

wow!!! so lucky with this bag!
And i really like ur blog and following it!

would be happy to have u as my follower!


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