Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tie-Dye To Die For

Back from an incredible day at the beach yesterday with the fam...So excited to get my new camera from my mom but I will let you in on a secret...I'm really nervous about starting to take actual pictures of myself!  I'm excited, definitely, but nervous because I am in no way a photographer, so I have no idea how they will turn out. Luckily I plan on playing around with my sister (who is a photographer) and hopefully she will be able to help me out, give me some tips and pointers, etc...

What I'm Wearing And Where I Got It:
1. Dress: Double Zero tie-dye maxi halter - gifted from Mom via Return Passage
2. Shirt: Abercrombie denim button down tied in front as sort of cropped shirt - FC
3. Shoes: My favorite go-to Pink Studio wedges - FC
4. Accessories: Kept it neutral since I had a lot of colors going on with brown beaded wrap bracelet, vintage cloisonne unicorn cuff bracelet and earrings set, gold cuff and gold everyday rings

I wasn't very inspired this morning for some reason, but I love this dress every time I put it on...it's just so summer-y and fun!  (Mine is waaaay cuter than the one in the pic up there btw)  Anyway, I originally threw the b.d. on as a jacket but played with tying it in the front and loved how it looked!  It creates a nice, long silhouette for my legs and cinches in at my waist...very flattering, and a new spin on an old maxi!

Stay tuned...coming soon...new and improved blog!!!

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Rachella said...

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I made these combinations myself:) Hope to hear from you again soon! x


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