Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Must Love: Bold Colors

Ah, Spring is here (well, actually more like Summer here in the Southeast) and what does that mean for our wardrobes?  COLOR!!! 

This list demonstrates specific colors that go well together


Bold, vibrant colors were all over the Spring/Summer runway shows thanks to Gucci's signature color-block looks and Marc Jacob's love of orange, including all the red-headed models!

Gucci teaches us how to Color Block
Below: March Jacobs love bright bold colors

Say goodbye to drab blacks, grays, forest greens and dark burgundy and hello to the new must-have bold colors: marigold, orange, electric blue, and my personal favorite, coral (to name a few).

Christopher Kane does the lace trend in bold yellow

Michael Kors

Bold colors have been extra hot in makeup (namely lips and cheeks)
As well as on your nails! (left)


Coral as seen on Lanvin runway

I will be wearing coral all season long...here's one way I wear bold coral:

JJ Authentic coral dress - FC ($12)
Soho Lab tan wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage brown belt - thrifted ($2)
Vintage gold/peach necklace -FC ($6)
Fossil coral rose earrings - FC ($4)
The beauty of all these bold "it" colors for this season is that there are so many varying shades you can pick which one is right for you!  Refer to the list in the 2nd picture for some popular shades and don't forget- a good 'ole color wheel can be your best friend!

Have you been wearing bold colors this season already?  Which is your favorite?  Share your thoughts and/or pictures in the comments!


MarieStella said...

i really love colour blockinG!! great post!! you are so stylish!!

StaceyKo said...

awesome dress!



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