Thursday, June 2, 2011

June's Wishlist

It's a new month and you know what that means...New Wants!

This month was surprisingly difficult to come up with (and then narrow down to 5)because I did so well with last month's wishlist - I was able to cross off:
-Paper-Bag Waist - shorts and skirts (and sometimes I create my own with belts)
-Pleated Skirt - skirt (not the exact color I wanted but it'll do)
-Crochet (dress) - skirt and vest (together they form a dress, right?)
-Big Sunglasses - 1 pair (a girl can never have to many)

For June I have on my wishlist:

1. Floral Shorts

(Yes, these will remain on my wishlist until I get some!)

Inspired by:

2. Asymmetrical Hemline

(be it a skirt or dress, low in the back or to the side)

Inspired by:

3. Bold Stripes

(yes, I went a little crazy because these can be on a skirt, dress, or even top!)

Inspired by:

4. Palazzo Pants

(perfect for sumer: breezy and skirt-like)

Inspired by:

5. Flat Espadrilles

(a variation of my previous "toms-like" wish, these are stylish and comfortable)

Inspired by:

(Remember, if you like any of the items in the collages above you can click on any item to go directly to the website!!!)

Stay tuned to find out if I get to cross anything off my wishlist this month and to see all the ways I will wear each piece!

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