Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Fashionable Friends: Chandler

In this new segment I will be spotlighting my friends and how they dress fashionably at an affordable price!

Chandler is more than a friend to me...she is my sister!  Here she is in her 3 favorite outfits, and a little Q&A about her tastes and fashion choices:

Blazer: Guess, 80% off post-Christmas
Jeans: J. Brand skinny - FC
Tank: Express, 2 for 1
Flats: Target
A: How would you describe your style?
C: I like to think of it as business casual, but I’ve had it called sexy secretary by others.

A: What are some of your favorite brands/designers/places to shop?
C: I’m a big fan of H&M because they have what I look for, and it’s affordable. For splurging or basics I shop The Limited and Express fairly often. And of course, having a sister working at The Fairy Circle, I love it there as well.

Shirt: Target, on sale
Shorts: Express, on sale
Wedges: Rack Room, Bogo
Belt: vintage, from Mom
A: If you had to narrow it down, which 3 items could you not live without? or Which 3 items are the key pieces/must-haves of your wardrobe?
C: My J-brand skinnies. My white high waist shorts. My black and white plaid button-up shirt.

A: What is the one accessory or piece of clothing you can never buy enough of?
C: Jackets. I love love love jackets.

A: Who would you say is/are your style inspiration/s?
C: I’m not really sure, probably something like a modern Jackie Kennedy. Just professional looking.

Dress: Express, 40% off
Heels: Kohl's
Necklace: Mom's, turned around
A: Which trend will you try this summer/which trend will you definitely not try?
C: Wide leg. I have larger hips, and short legs...actually I’m just short overall. They would just not work on me.

A: Do you plan your outfits or just throw on something from your closet in the mornings?
C: I plan my outfits in the morning. There’s thought that goes into them, but not prior to morning....Except special events. Those I plan the night before, but sometimes think about for a few days.

A: What could you use more of in your wardrobe?
C: Ha, everyone in my life tells me I need color. 

So, that is Chandler's style in 3 outfits.  She definitely knows how to dress for her body type as well as how to shop for bargains!  I like how each outfit is flattering and different while staying true to her style.  To copy Chandler's style, here are some of the key pieces you'll need ($39.99 or less):

I hope you enjoyed this segment as it showcases different styles and tastes that you may not see in my posts!  Which outfit was your favorite?  How would you describe your unique style???

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Anonymous said...

I love this segment Amanda. Your sister is as adorable as you and looks great in her outfits.


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