Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Kind of Animal Print

Animal print is one of those trends that never really goes out of style.  Done well, it can be quite classy, or even add a touch of excitement to an outfit.  If you need some animal print in your closet I recommend using the print in an accessory such as a scarf or perhaps kitten heels or flats.  These give the perfect finishing touches to an outfit without going overboard!

Any of these affordable picks ($50 or less) would be a great way to accessorize with animal print!  Click on any item to go directly to the website.

Now, this is my kind of animal print:
Can you see all the forest critters?
And check out the detail on the sleeves!

Anthropologie top - gifted by Mom
Billabong skirt - FC ($7)
Vintage sandals - FC ($8)

Vintage belt - thrifted ($2)
VIntage LV speedy - handmedown from Mom
Now, I consider the denim skirt above a definite summer staple item.  It gets so hot down here in the South in the summertime that you practically cannot stand to wear jeans.  Well, this breezy 70s-inspired denim skirt works just like jeans, it goes with everything and the high-waist shape is super flattering.

Formula = 70s-inspired denim skirt + printed top + gladiator sandals
These denim skirts definitely have that retro vibe featuring buttons down the center and that gorgeous light denim 70s wash.  Any printed top will do and each pair of these gladiators is $50 or less!


Camber said...

You knoe I love you, but I don't know if you can consider that beautiful flutter sleeve blouse "animal print". Although, I do appreciate the humor. : )

MarieStella said...

really adorable top and skirt!! so stylish combination!!


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