Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Double Take: Sweet and Sassy

I truly believe in the importance of versatility in your wardrobe.  It is important to invest in key pieces which can be styled in a variety of combinations.  This makes every dollar count in addition to the perk that it stretches your wardrobe!

For this first "double take" I show you two ways I wear this fabulous pair of pale pink heels and matching clutch purse:
Aren't they fabulous!!! I just love pale pink right now!

Anthropologie dress - FC ($16)
Seychelles heels - TJ Maxx ($40 splurge!)
Francesca's purse - gifted, Mom

J. Crew tee - FC ($7.50)
Old Navy shorts - FC ($6.50)
Seychelles heels - TJ Maxx ($40)
Francesca's purse - gifted, Mom
Vintage butterfly necklace - FC ($4)

I kept it neutral for both outfits because I'm really loving neutrals right now but also to let the pale pink accessories be the highlight of the outfit.  The first outfit is sweet and would be perfect for a semi-dressy occasion while the second outfit is sassy and a little more casual.

If you are loving pale pink as much as I am right now, here is some eye candy for you:

What are your key pieces and how many ways do you wear them?  Feel free to post or link in the comments!!!


Camber said...

Hmmmmm. By key pieces, do you mean "signature pieces" or "wardrobe staples"? I think I'd have to go with a great fitting pair of jeans and some metallic sandals. Both are a good foundation to build a terrific outfit upon.

MarieStella said...

gorgeous pink colors dear!! i adore your outfit!! beautiful bag and skirt!!<3 so romantic!!


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