Thursday, June 16, 2011

The WHAT of the Week: Lady Gaga

I was inspired to start a new segment called "the What??? of the week" while attending my cousin's highschool graduation.  We have all had these moments before...when you see someone wearing something that never should have been worn or even bought, or when you see someone pairing 2 items or trends that just don't work, or when you see someone wearing a trend that doesn't particularly work for them.

"The What??? of the week" is a tribute to all the just plain wacky runway moments, celebrity mishaps, or streetstyle gone wrong. 

Today we have Lady Gaga, a phenomenon that pushes the boundaries of fashion every time we see her...but this time I just had to say What???
photo via Refinery29
What went wrong here?  Is it too easy to say everything?  She is wearing a vintage pair of Versace pants and silk shirt in addition to ridiculous bondage-esque platform stilletos, sea-captain hat, and extra long green hair extensions.  Perhaps if she had used the pants as the focal point, keeping the rest of the outfit casual and demure with a basic fitted tee, even in a bright, eyepopping color pulled from the pants, complete with a slight wedge we wouldn't all be saying What???

What do you guys think of Lady Gaga's outfit?  Post your opinion in the comments!


Eliza said...

She's brave. I'll give her that!

Shinigami_U said...

Nice Segment. That outfit feels like buckets of paint exploded on her PUUFFF!!!


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