Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the Love of Thrift

As most of you know I was home last weekend and Mom, Sis and I always manage to squeeze in a little shopping, especially at second-hand stores...which leads me to an interesting point: the difference between a thrift store and a consignment shop. 
Generally speaking a thrift store is donation-based (think: Goodwill, Salvation Army) and at a consignment store, the consignor receives a percentage of what their clothing sells for.  This can be broken down even further as some, let's call it resale, stores pay cash upfront (think: Plato's Closet), while at most consignment stores you will receive credit/cash after the items have sold (think: The Fairy Circle, etc., as most aren't chains).  With me so far?
Now, "thrifting" is still a lot of fun as you get to find interesting, unique pieces at very affordable prices, but people have caught on and you'll many times have better luck (especially if you are lacking in time or patience) at a consignment store where each piece is carefully looked through and selected to be sold there.

All the rambling had a point: Mom, Sis and I ventured into the "original" thrift store of Greensboro (called Carolina Thrift) and this is what we brought home with us:
Stay tuned for pictures of these pieces styled...
And a shot from upside down...
We got the whole lot for under $20: the sweater tank, floral skirt and small camera bag for me; brown and tan leather belt for Mom; World Atlas and Chinese Mythology books for my sister.
If you have patience, creativity, and a love of bargains then thrift shopping is for you!

Do you prefer consignment or thrift shops?  Which ones are you favorites???  Please share in the comments, I always love to find out about new second-hand stores!  And stay tuned for a future feature "Secondhand Shop Spotlight" coming soon!

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Eliza said...

I love the little camera bag!
To answer your question, consignment or resale. It seems like around here the thrift shops tend to be a little picked over. Sometimes there are good finds still to be had, Vintage Values for example. However, there are always great consignment finds at the monkey jxn Fairy Circle!


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