Saturday, June 18, 2011

Perfect Summer Staple: Peasant Blouse

Though Summer doesn't technically start until June 21st, many states have already broken record highs, North Carolina included.  This week's high is 96° F so needless to say, this summer will be hot!  It can be difficult to stay chic in such scorching weather conditions.  That's why the oh-so-70s peasant blouse is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe!

We saw designers' takes on the peasant blouse in many a runway show:
Salvatore Ferragamo
Marc Jacobs
While I really love the bright, bold colors for S/S 2011, I opted for a more neutral (white) with colorful embroidered trimmings and details:

Delias skinny jeans - new from Uptown Cheapskate ($16)
Mint peasant blouse - FC ($10)
Vintage sandals - FC ($8)
Vintage + Handmade jewelry
I wore mine with skinny jeans here but take some tips from the runway and try your perfect peasant blouse with shorts, belted, or tucked into a skirt!  Here are some affordable ($50 or less) finds in neutral, floral, and the season's hottest shades:

Do you own this summer staple?  How do you wear yours? Share in the comments!

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Miranda said...

Cute top! And I love the shoes. :)


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