Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Best Form of Flattery: 2nd edition: Atlantic-Pacific

The Best Form of Flattery series is all about finding inspiration from a variety of sources.  Today's inspiration photo came from Bee, the blogger behind Atlantic-Pacific.  Here's what I came up with:
Kimchi & Blue dress - FC ($16)
Abercrombie (girls) button-down - FC, clearance ($2)
Paul & Joe denim button-down - FC ($7.50)
Forever 21 oxfords - FC@MJ ($8)
Vintage clutch purse - FC ($10)
handmade wrap bracelet; chain bracelet, FC; necklace, FC

I took the inspiration to pair a flirty dress with oxfords and layered button-downs from this Atlantic-Pacific look:
Pinned Image

About my outfit:  I loved Bee's look, so I was inspired by almost every piece of it.  I knew immediately that I wanted to wear this dress with the oxfords that have been sitting in my closet (un-worn) for some time.  I grabbed my pink striped button-down and was pleasantly surprised by how much the colors really complemented each other - the button-down brings out the subtle pink in the dress!  Since I didn't have a cool cargo jacket, I went with my denim button-down worn-as-jacket.  I skipped out on the hat because I'm not a hat person but did pile on jewelry as Bee so often does!  This look is something different for me, and I would not have put it together without the inspiration from the above photo, but I really loved this look!  What do you guys think?

The Best Form of Flattery: 3rd edition: Late Afternoon
Pinned Image
When I first asked if anyone would be interested in linking up to this new inspiration series, Kat from A Second Glance voiced that she had always thought it would be fun to take inspiration from other bloggers.  I thought that was a great idea since that's where most of my inspiration comes from anyway.  So, keeping with that theme, the inspiration photo for next week comes from another famous blogger: Liz of Late Afternoon.

So, let's see what you can come up with and how you can be inspired by this!  Remember, the Best Form of Flattery does not have to be an exact rendition of the picture (though it can be), you can break it down and be inspired by any piece of it, whether it be the color combination, the styling, or even just a single accessory...the possibilities are endless!

For this week, just follow the link to add your own Atlantic-Pacific inspired look, and be sure to check back next week for another link-up and who will be inspiring us next... Can't wait to see what you came up with!  And don't forget, the link is open for one full week (until next Sunday) so you have plenty of time if you'd like to participate.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm Blue

I've been wanting to try a monochromatic-color look for a while now but haven't been able to because I really didn't have any (non-print) colored pants/skirt/etc.  Well, remember this skirt?  ...And that was the base for this outfit:
Vintage skirt - FC@MJ ($9)
Abercrombie button-down (boys) - FC@MJ ($7)
Rice cardigan - gift from Mom
Bullboxer boots - xmas gift from BF
Belt - gift from coworker
Vintage Dooney&Bourke bag - FC ($40)
Friendship bracelets; personal pendant; earrings - gift

About my outfit:  As I said, the blue skirt was the base of the outfit.  To keep with the blue color scheme I added my pale-blue button down and turquoise-blue cardigan.  The belt was a gift from a co-worker after she saw my embroidered boots (they match perfectly!) and the cross-body bag ties the neutrals together.  I added another little hint of color, just for fun, in a couple of piled-up friendship bracelets.

All around, I was pretty pleased with my first attempt at tonal-dressing.  Blue is not one of my favorite colors though, so I'd love to give it another try with shades of purple, or maybe orange-coral tones.  What do you think?

Do you dress monochromatically?  Which color is your favorite for tonal-wear?

And don't forget: tomorrow is the 2nd edition of the Best Form of Flattery series!  If you missed the inspiration photo, check it out here and be sure to link-up your own inspired look!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vintage Burberry

First, let me just say thank you so much for all the comments and positive feedback regarding Best Form of Flattery!  Remember, the link will be open until Sunday so you still have time to link-up if you want; also, the inspiration photo for next week is up, check it out here.
Vintage Burberry skirt - FC ($35)
F21 tunic - FC ($6.50)
Express boyfriend cardi - FC ($7.50)
Vintage Dex boots - FC ($24)
Vintage LV speedy - gifted by Mom
Personal pendant, gift - BF's grandma; chain bracelet, FC

About my outfit:  I'm sorry if you guys are getting sick of seeing these boots but they just match everything!  I guess red is the new neutral, right?  Anyway, this skirt is one of the most amazing pieces I've been able to find while working at a consignment store.  It is an authentic, vintage (size 8!) Burberry skirt!  I kept the outfit pretty simple, since the skirt makes such a statement on its own.  The color palette is classic, something I've apparently been loving recently.  I left the accessories minimal (just a couple of personal pieces and my preppy chain-link bracelet) and kept the whole look "high-end" with my Mom's old Louis.

Now, I know all my readers love to thrift, so tell me:
Which item of yours was your best thrifted find?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Best Form of Flattery: 1st edition: J. Crew

Today marks the 1st edition of the Best Form of Flattery!!!
The Best Form of Flattery series is all about finding inspiration from a variety of sources.  Today's inspiration photo came from J. Crew's Fall lookbook.  Here's what I came up with:
Button down - hand-me-down from Mom
Theory sweater - FC ($18)
Vintage leather skirt - FC ($12)
Vintage Dex boots - FC ($24)
Vintage clutch - FC ($10)
Wrap bracelet; Vintage watch-bracelet; Thrift cuff; Belt from shorts

I took the inspiration to layer a button down (buttoned all the way up) under a slim-fitting sweater, and adorn both arms with "wrist candy" from this J. Crew look:

About my outfit:  I, like many of you, absolutely adore today's inspiration look.  I'm just crazy about her pants (mental addition to the wishlist) but since I don't have any similar, I found inspiration in the layers.  You all know how much I am loving the button-down-layered-sweater trend, well I had never buttoned it all the way up until now and I am pleased with the result!  I usually wear bracelets only on one wrist, but after being inspired by this look, I added my watch-bracelet to the empty wrist.  I wore my new leather skirt as a contrast to the prim-and-proper upper half and finished the look off with my favorite new boots in a similar color to the inspiration photo's pants.  The belt (stolen from shorts) ties the unique color combination of lavender and brick-red together.  Later in the day, I lost the sweater and the outfit was still very cute, BF actually loved it, and we usually have completely opposite tastes :)

The Best Form of Flattery:  2nd edition: Atlantic-Pacific
Pinned Image
Atlantic-Pacific is one of my favorite blogs.  Bee is a constant source of inspiration, popping up all over my pinterest boards.  So, let's see what you can come up with and how you can be inspired by this!  Remember, the Best Form of Flattery does not have to be an exact rendition of the picture (though it can be), you can break it down and be inspired by any piece of it!

Just follow the froggy link below to add your own J. Crew-inspired look, and be sure to come back next week to link-up and find out who's inspiring us next!  Can't wait to see what you guys came up with!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Black and White and Red all over

Did I tell you I was able to cross obi belt off my wishlist?  Well, here's how I'm wearing it:
Vintage skirt - FC ($8)
J. Crew shirt - FC ($7)
Obi belt - FC ($4)
Frye wedges - FC ($22)
Vintage pearl necklace - STA ($8)
Vintage Ann Taylor bag - FC ($12)

About my outfit:  I wanted the belt to be the star of this outfit so I kept it simple with classic colors in a classic silhouette.  The vintage pearls and updo give the look a ladylike, retro twist.  And, of course, I couldn't help but finish the look off with my mary-jane wedges.

I originally wore it with my black pencil skirt and polka dot blouse.  I was so excited to do a post titled "Lady Bug" but when I saw the pictures...something just wasn't right.  The proportions were all wrong!  For me, and my body type, I need to pair my obi belt with a more voluminous or A-line skirt.  Here's how it looked so you can see for yourself (this is the best picture from the bunch):

Would you wear an obi belt?
Do you ever re-style a piece after you see the pictures?  :)

And don't forget to link-up to the Best Form of Flattery tomorrow!  If you didn't see the inspiration picture for this week, check it out here.  Can't wait to see what you've come up with!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comfy Clothes for a Casual Day

It's funny when I think about all the factors which determine my "outfit of the day"...
Eight Sixty dress - FC ($12)
F21 sweater - FC ($7.50)
Embroidered boots - Xmas gift from the BF
Vintage belt - thrifted, BB ($2)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag - FC ($40)
Francesca's socks - gift, Mom; DIY earring-turned-necklace;
multi friendship bracelets; vintage cloisonne unicorn studs - ebay ($6)

Here are some of my determining factors:
  • Weather  - I always check the weather in the mornings (which weirds the BF out because when I ask he always says "why don't you just walk outside?"  Nope, I have to hear it from the all-knowing weather man...)  This is important, though, so I'll know if I should dress for rain or if I will need a sweater or jacket, etc.
  • Work  - As you all know, I work at a consignment shop.  We have 2 locations: the original is significantly larger and busier than the newer one.  This is important so that I know whether I'll be wearing flats, boots or comfortable wedges, or if I can get away with my highest heels and Jeffrey Campbells!
  • Feminine Issues  - Since I assume all my readers are female, I have no issues with discussing feminine happenings.  If I'm on my period, you better believe I'm dressing more comfortably as a way to deal with cramps, bloating, or perhaps some extra sweet cravings...
  • Availability  - Laundry.  The availability of what I'm planning to wear is important because if it is in the dirty pile of clothes/laundry basket I usually won't pull it out to wear, but will plan another outfit with what is clean and available.
  • Time  - This refers to how much time I have to get ready.  I like to give myself 1 hour from pre-shower to finish.  If I don't like what I thought I was going to wear, I might spend more time trying different combinations until I find something I like...and then just throw my hair in a braid or leave it as it is (as usual).  Also, if we go out for breakfast or get errands run in the morning and I have less time, I'm more likely to throw on a "formula" outfit or something I've already worn and liked before!
  • Mood  - Sometimes you're just in a funk, and nothing looks good, and nothing fits right.  Mood is important because if I'm having one of those days, I tend to stick with a basic, trusty outfit that I know will make me look and feel good!

About my outfit:  Today's determining factors were: weather and feminine issues.  The news provided me with a 100% chance of rain (although it is sunny and beautiful right now) and it's that time for me, so basically, I wanted to be comfortable!  I followed my favorite Fall formula and layered an oversized sweater over a strapless dress.  I anchored the look down with touches of brown and the embroidery in the boots ties in the arm candy with the colors of my dress.  My hair was super tangled yesterday from wearing it wavy so I tied it into a side braid to give it a breather!

What are some factors that determine what you'll wear each day??

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Best Form of Flattery [series kick-off]

To kick off the Best Form of Flattery series, I'm demonstrating one last example:  blogger edition: eightsmallmen
Delia's skinny jeans - gifted, Mom via Uptown Cheapskate
J. Jill sweater - thrifted with Mom ($3)
Michael Stars cami - FC ($8)
Me Too heels - FC ($14)
Vintage Louis Vuitton bag - hand-me-down from Mom
Necklace - FC; Earrings - handmade vendor downtown waterfront

I took the inspiration to dress up a fairly casual outfit of jeans and an oversized sweater by pairing it with heels from this look of eightsmallmen:

About my outfit:  I really love this look for a day when you just don't feel like getting dressed.  It is an easy formula, it's comfortable, and yet the heels (or wedges as eightsmallmen demonstrates) take it up a notch to outfit-worthy material!  I kept it in the same color family with the peach sweater and 70s burnt orange/tan-ish heels.  The long necklace adds a focal point, but I wasn't afraid to throw on long earrings as well since the outfit is fairly simple.

The Best Form of Flattery:  1st edition J. Crew

Now, on to the good stuff!  The Best Form of Flattery series is all about finding inspiration from a variety of sources.  I previously demonstrated two designers (Ralph Lauren and J. Crew) and a celebrity edition, and now, a blogger edition.  

The inspiration for this week is the reason I started this popular demand, another J. Crew edition of what I like to call grandma chic:
Pinned Image
So let's see what you can come up with and how you can be inspired by this!  Remember, the Best Form of Flattery does not have to be an exact rendition of the picture (of course, it can be!) ... you can break down the outfit and be inspired by any piece of it, whether it be the button-down-layered-sweater or just the mustard shoes!

Here's how it works:
  • I post a new inspiration picture every Sunday
  • We have a week to come up with an inspired look
  • Link your version up next Sunday and find out the new inspiration look for the following week
There are no rules!  You don't have to follow me or even post about this series if you don't want to!  I just love being inspired and would love to see what you all can come up with!

See you next week!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Dress

Sometimes you've just got to let a dress... be a dress.
French Connection dress - FC ($18)
Vintage Bruno Magli heels - FC ($16)
Vintage clutch - FC ($10)
World Market earrings - gifted, Camber

It's funny: since I really got interested in fashion, I don't seem to appreciate dresses as much.  It doesn't feel like as much of an "outfit" to me because I didn't have to put it together.  As you might have noticed, I LOVE to layer and very seldomly do I just let a dress be a dress.  But sometimes, when a dress is so well executed that it needs no extra help, that is what you have to do!

About my outfit:  This is a recent purchase from the shop and I almost didn't try it on because it is labeled a size 6...just goes to show: never confine yourself to just one numerical size - different brands/items fit differently and many times at thrift stores you will find items that were mis-sized.  This on-trend colorblock dress is so stunning that I let it be the focus of the outfit by pairing it with the neutral heels and purse.  I finished the look off with dramatic matching earrings and no other jewelry (except my everyday rings, of course).

Do you have any dresses you like to wear just as they are?

P.S.  Check back tomorrow for next week's inspiration photo for an attempt at the "Best Form of Flattery" series!  Feel free to suggest any inspiration photos of your own!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transitioning Pastels for Fall

Pastels have always been a Spring staple...but in the last couple years, we've been seeing all kinds of antiquated fashion rules being broken - yes, you can wear pastels for Fall too!
Theory sweater - FC ($18)
F21 skirt - FC ($7.50)
Jeffery Campbell wedges - FC ($18)
Vintage belt - thrifted, BB ($2)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke - FC ($40)
DIY necklace + wrap bracelet

With Fashion Week ending just weeks ago, Spring-time hues and shades are filling up the inspiration boards.  If you don't want to wait until Spring to wear your favorite pastel shades (and why should you?) here are some tips for transitioning pastels for Fall:

 Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Prada via
  • Pair it with a neutral:  shades of browns and black seem to work with almost any pastel (lavender, mint, sherbet colors) so the choice is yours!
 Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Aquilano. Rimondi via
  • Keep it away from your face and pair it with a print:  we all can look a little "washed out" during the colder months so if you're not sure if pastels are a flattering fit for you, just keep it on the bottom half (skirts, cigarette pants, wide leg colored jeans) and mix it with a Fall-friendly neutral print.
 Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
3.1 Phillip Lim via
  • Embrace the color-blocking trend:  try sleek color-blocking with pastels or even mix your pastels with some other colors (think: lavender + plum + burgundy or mix some mint into a "sea" of greens and blues)

About my outfit:  This Theory sweater is a new purchase which I can't wait to layer button-downs under.  The weather is still teeter-tottering right now, so I wore it by itself and paired it with a short, flouncy skirt.  I Fall-icized it by pairing it with my favorite neutral: chocolaty brown.  The platform wedges add some interest and then I kept the accessories simple in neutral colors.

Would you wear pastels during Fall and Winter months?

P.S.  I did get some positive feedback about my "Best Form of Flattery" series so I'd like to maybe give it a go next week?  It will be once a week, probably on Sunday.  Please let me know if you would be interested in participating and also feel free to recommend inspiration photos!  I will continue to post this reminder in my next few posts until then.  For more info, see this post.


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