Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comfy Clothes for a Casual Day

It's funny when I think about all the factors which determine my "outfit of the day"...
Eight Sixty dress - FC ($12)
F21 sweater - FC ($7.50)
Embroidered boots - Xmas gift from the BF
Vintage belt - thrifted, BB ($2)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag - FC ($40)
Francesca's socks - gift, Mom; DIY earring-turned-necklace;
multi friendship bracelets; vintage cloisonne unicorn studs - ebay ($6)

Here are some of my determining factors:
  • Weather  - I always check the weather in the mornings (which weirds the BF out because when I ask he always says "why don't you just walk outside?"  Nope, I have to hear it from the all-knowing weather man...)  This is important, though, so I'll know if I should dress for rain or if I will need a sweater or jacket, etc.
  • Work  - As you all know, I work at a consignment shop.  We have 2 locations: the original is significantly larger and busier than the newer one.  This is important so that I know whether I'll be wearing flats, boots or comfortable wedges, or if I can get away with my highest heels and Jeffrey Campbells!
  • Feminine Issues  - Since I assume all my readers are female, I have no issues with discussing feminine happenings.  If I'm on my period, you better believe I'm dressing more comfortably as a way to deal with cramps, bloating, or perhaps some extra sweet cravings...
  • Availability  - Laundry.  The availability of what I'm planning to wear is important because if it is in the dirty pile of clothes/laundry basket I usually won't pull it out to wear, but will plan another outfit with what is clean and available.
  • Time  - This refers to how much time I have to get ready.  I like to give myself 1 hour from pre-shower to finish.  If I don't like what I thought I was going to wear, I might spend more time trying different combinations until I find something I like...and then just throw my hair in a braid or leave it as it is (as usual).  Also, if we go out for breakfast or get errands run in the morning and I have less time, I'm more likely to throw on a "formula" outfit or something I've already worn and liked before!
  • Mood  - Sometimes you're just in a funk, and nothing looks good, and nothing fits right.  Mood is important because if I'm having one of those days, I tend to stick with a basic, trusty outfit that I know will make me look and feel good!

About my outfit:  Today's determining factors were: weather and feminine issues.  The news provided me with a 100% chance of rain (although it is sunny and beautiful right now) and it's that time for me, so basically, I wanted to be comfortable!  I followed my favorite Fall formula and layered an oversized sweater over a strapless dress.  I anchored the look down with touches of brown and the embroidery in the boots ties in the arm candy with the colors of my dress.  My hair was super tangled yesterday from wearing it wavy so I tied it into a side braid to give it a breather!

What are some factors that determine what you'll wear each day??


Style Journey said...

I get dressed based mainly on my mood. I get my clothes ready the night before a lot, but sometimes change my mind in the morning. I always have a back up outfit. That's cool you also say you dress based on the time of the month, because that plays a factor as well. I always look like I am carrying a baby during that time, lol!

I am in love with these boots! Everytime you wear them I just smile and wish they were mine :)


The Closet Shopper said...

I agree with all those factors, especially the time factor. But mood is really important too, isn't it? Oh, I guess I just agree with all equally. ha.

That bag!!! Please for the love of the baby jesus, come thrift shopping with me. You obviously have some kind of special magic talent!


Joyce said...

I love your sweater and boots, great outfit! I dress mainly based on weather( haha I check the weather like twice a day....)

Anonymous said...

I love everything about your outfit today and think your pictures are fabulous - did you take those yourself?

Bad Joan said...

Great sweater! Yay for fall.


Gracey said...

This is a great look. Comfy but still put together. And I love hearing how you put things together. I use pretty much the same criteria as you with the added question of how I'm getting to work. I bike 95% of the time but if I know I'll be getting a ride or driving myself, I go for sky high wedges and pencil skirts, neither of which work on a bike.

Loretta said...

gorgeous outfit! xx


Kaleido Mind said...

depends on my mood and what 'character' i want to be that day:)

Alison said...

I love your boots and skirt in this post. I like to decide based on how I feel. Sometimes it's a happy skirt day and other times jeans are the only thing I want to wear.

Mongs said...

nice feminine outfit, the boots are fabulous, I love the little details on them. The floral dress is cute, doubles up as a skirt so well. THe brown leather accents are so natural and organic.

My mood is the factor, I don't stick to any particular style, it's all based on my mood.


ABCD said...

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