Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Dress

Sometimes you've just got to let a dress... be a dress.
French Connection dress - FC ($18)
Vintage Bruno Magli heels - FC ($16)
Vintage clutch - FC ($10)
World Market earrings - gifted, Camber

It's funny: since I really got interested in fashion, I don't seem to appreciate dresses as much.  It doesn't feel like as much of an "outfit" to me because I didn't have to put it together.  As you might have noticed, I LOVE to layer and very seldomly do I just let a dress be a dress.  But sometimes, when a dress is so well executed that it needs no extra help, that is what you have to do!

About my outfit:  This is a recent purchase from the shop and I almost didn't try it on because it is labeled a size 6...just goes to show: never confine yourself to just one numerical size - different brands/items fit differently and many times at thrift stores you will find items that were mis-sized.  This on-trend colorblock dress is so stunning that I let it be the focus of the outfit by pairing it with the neutral heels and purse.  I finished the look off with dramatic matching earrings and no other jewelry (except my everyday rings, of course).

Do you have any dresses you like to wear just as they are?

P.S.  Check back tomorrow for next week's inspiration photo for an attempt at the "Best Form of Flattery" series!  Feel free to suggest any inspiration photos of your own!


Faye H said...

gorgeous dress, such a unique piece.
faye xo

Joyce said...

Great dress, I love the colorblocking :)

Mongs said...

you did the right thing by keeping it simple cuz this dress is stunning on its own. I like the geometric pattern on the dress. And the pattern gives you a nice shape.


The Closet Shopper said...

GORGEOUS!! I love that dress. I'm so impressed with the prices on this outfit. How do you do it?


Alison said...

I am very jealous of this dress! I love dresses in general, but the shapes on this one are awesome. I have some dresses that I can just throw on but I feel like for the most part I need to have a cardi or accessories to make it work. BUT you definitely make this work all by yourself.


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