Saturday, October 8, 2011

Summer's Last Exhalations

Sometimes photos get bumped to the back-burner when I'm working on an outfit post.  For that reason, and since the weather is still lingering in the "in-between" stages, I decided I might as well showcase a look or two from the final days of Summer:
Vintage skirt - FC ($8)
Purple tee - thrifted ($3)
Vintage purse - FC ($10)
Jeffery Campbell wedges - FC ($18)
Vintage beaded necklace - FC ($6)

A crochet dress was on my wishlist and when I found this vintage skirt I had it made...except that I had only worn it once before!  So I pulled it out of my closet and said, Amanda, let's find another way to style this...

About my outfit:  Perhaps inspired by my own contrast-colors post, I incorporated my favorite color combination but left it pretty simple to let the details of the skirt stand out.  The orange purse and Jeffery Campbells are tied in by the brown and orange necklace, while the purple stands out yet complements the color-scheme.  I knotted my shirt to the side because, as the skirt is semi-sheer, when I tucked my shirt in you could see the purple right through.  Leaving it out, over the skirt, and belting was another option...but that just cut me in half.  I decided the knot was a flirty way to keep my shape, as well as really showcase the skirt!

Do you like to squeeze out Summer looks while you still can?
Do you have any items that you have to force yourself to re-think and re-style?


t said...

Nice outfit!

Shea said...

The weather here's been pretty summery too, but I still can't seem to stay away from fall-like looks. I love this look though, what an awesome skirt!

Dawn said...

Love your shoes...great outfit! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo


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