Sunday, October 2, 2011

October's Wishlist

It's a new month and you know what that means...New Wants!

I did alright last month, finding a pair of trousers and an obi belt...I'll be showing how I'm wearing these pieces soon! Since September turned out to be more of a Summer month than a transitioning period, many items on this month's wishlist are for transitional weather.  Here's what's on my wishlist this month:

1.  Printed Button-Downs

Button-down blouses make the perfect addition to any perfectly layered outfit.  Recently I've been seeing a lot of button-down shirts layered under pullover sweaters and I just love it!  I'd really love some prints like stripes, plaid, or polka dot to add a fun pop under a basic cable knit.
Inspired by:
Pinned Image
Liz of Late Afternoon mixes prints with hers
Pinned Image
Emerald of Sunday Crossbow mixes prints and knots it up!

2.  Leather Skirt

A leather skirt in a neutral color adds the perfect twist to any basic outfit.  Not to mention it is perfectly 70s-inspired with tights and knee-high boots!  I'd love one in a chocolate-y brown...
Inspired by:
Pinned Image
And with a button-down layered pullover?  Yes, please!  via
Pinned Image
Love this color...and belt...and everything!  via pinterest

3.  Animal "Print" Jumper

This is just too cute.  As I mentioned above, I'd like button-downs to layer under sweaters...well, I'd like sweaters to layer over button-downs!  I called this pullover a "jumper" which is what our fine friends in Europe call 'em and British stores like Topshop and Zara seem to have a lot of these...
Inspired by:
Pinned Image
I would wear every piece of this outfit!  via
Pinned Image
Keikolynn found a fantastic vintage jumper
and layered it over an animal-print button-down!

4.  Tights and Socks

I'm not going to give up wearing skirts and shorts just because the weather gets cold.  Just layer some tights and socks underneath and you're good to go!  Tights look sleek with a skirt and boots, socks look great layered over tights and under boots, and, of course, there's the socks-in-sandals trend so that you don't have to say goodbye to your summery shoes either anymore!
Inspired by:
Pinned Image
Her dark tights make Summer to Fall an easy transition
Pinned Image
Stacey of Goodwill Huntingg layers her knee-high socks
under boots to complement an earth-toned outfit

5.  Casual Blazer

Since I don't work in an office setting, I don't really need a fancy blazer.  But a casual style in a neutral color is the perfect addition to any basic outfit.  It dresses up your jeans and adds a cute touch to a dress. In fact, H&K Style Journey just did a fabulous guest post on the many different ways you can wear a blazer - check it out here!
Inspired by:
Pinned Image
Great color, gorgeous neutral outfit, via h&m
Pinned Image
Perfect casual, errand-running outfit,
even better that I have most of these pieces already!
via pinterest,

That's what I'm craving, what I'm on the hunt for this Fall!  Soon, I'll show you how I'm wearing the items I was able to cross off last month's wishlist and we'll see what I'm able to find this month!

What's on your wishlist for October?


Style Journey said...

Love all these picks! The animal jumpers are so cute and quirky, but totally doable! Tights are a necessity in Ohio for fall and winter, so we love tights! We have probably every color and texture you can think of! Thanks for using us as inspiration for blazers too. They really are a versatile piece in your closet.

Laura Scott said...

Great post! I've always loved over the knee socks and am searching for the perfect leather skirt!

Fashion Dawgs

Camber said...

Love most of your wish-list items, but NOT the animal sweaters! That is like wearing birth control. I'd say unless you are a second grader, a grandma, or Rachel Berry in "Glee", this is not a good move for your reproductive future! Having thus said, if ANYONE could pull it off, you could, Amanda my dear.

Anna said...

I have a few solid button-downs and you're so right - a print is such a must! I'm a fan of the MJ number. I actually own a leather skirt but I look like I've been poured into it (not a good daily wear). I think it's time for a new one - the mini pencil variety one!

Claire said...

love all these looks. love a leather skirt and the stripes and gingham look so great together! my wishlist includes a cape, an animal print cardi and furry booties!

Natalie Leung said...

oh what a beautiful post, there are some really great looks here!


Mongs said...

I like the shirt under the sweater look, I'm inspired, I'm gonna copy the look! I like stocking and tights too, but our warm weather is always deterring me.


The Annachrist said...

haha we are on the same brainwave... my outfit posts are all about blazers and leather skirts ;)

Alison said...

I am with you on wanting a blazer or three. I like your vintage-y style. You have a cute blog.

The Book of Love

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