Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspiration: Color Me Happy

As a perfect segue into my upcoming wishlist for August, I decided to do another inspiration post.  Recently I've been noticing a lot of my posts are totally neutral colored and have decided: I need more color in my life!  See what I mean:
Check out the original post here
Original post here
Black and White:
Original post here
White and Brown:
Original Post
All Neutral:
Original Post
I really do like all the outfits above as neutral palettes and monochromatic looks have been popular recently...but, needless to say, I'm ready for some serious, saturated color!

Crazy Color:
via Tommy Ton streetstyle
Christopher Kane resort 2012
Unique Color Combinations & Print-Mixing
all 3: J. Crew
Monochromatic Color:
again, J. Crew (all 3)
Pops of Color on a Neutral Palette:
Anh from 9 to 5 Chic via Refinery29
via The Budget Babe
I'm ready for some print-mixing, color-blocking, and unconventional color combinations!

While it's safe to stick with basic, neutral colors, we all need some color in our lives.  It is important, however, to know your skin tone and which colors work for you.  Being olive-skinned, I personally tend to stay away from pastels while rich, jewel tones look good on me.  Here are some tips and tricks for figuring out if you have warm or cool undertones:
  • Check out your forearms.  Are the veins blue or green?  Usually blue-ish = cool and green-ish = warm
  • Consider your natural hair and eye color:  Generally speaking, dark hair and eyes means warm undertones while blue or green eyes and red or blonde hair means cool
  • Do you gravitate toward gold or silver? Usually silver = cool and gold = warm
Once you've got it figured out, here's a handy color chart for you so you know which colors and shades to stick with:

color chart via

How do you feel about color?  Are you a color pro or do you, like me, need to add some color to your life?  Feel free to link up any colorful outfit photos, I love the inspiration! 



so gerat outfits! I love 4 photo! and wonderful inspirations!

Sarah Grecco said...

I love color but could use some help in the execution area! Haha. Love that you love unicorns and clothes. BRILLIANT!

Get Up & Go

Song Anh said...

Hi Amanda! It is great to meet another NC blogger! I adore all of your looks, especially that last maxi skirt!!! Love it so much! I am 4'11" as well so it's great to see someone as petite as me who can pull maxi skirts off so well! You're giving me some assurance that maybe I can pull off the look too! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Cup of Fashion

Mongs said...

you're so right about the color co-ordination, great info there! I'm warm skin tone so I never touched pastels. I love neutrals too so I like your neutral outfits. But never tried color blocking, just not me to wear so many colors at one go. haha... go with what is really you. Have fun!

Thanks for the lovely note on my blog. HAve a great week!



oo I'm inspired to wear a pop color now- great post!

-love your blog,

Meagan said...

I have such a problem with color. I am really attracted to neutral colors and so I find it really difficult to incorporate color into my wardrobe, besides a few favorites.

Shana said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Love the All Neutral sckirt you are wearing so pretty!


lydeeloo said...

i really like the warmer colors even though technically i think im supposed to be cool? im not even sure haha.

im happy you found me! wilmington is a great place, ive been there a few times for beach trips and my best friend is in school there. north carolina bloggers are awesome :)

Style Journey said...

I LOVE color! This summer I have done a ton of color which is out of the norm for me. Colorblocking has been the best trend in my opinion. Although I have to say, you look lovely in your neutrals. They can be just as beautiful as colors.

Here are some links that I've done with color:

Daria said...

Oh, I understand you! I also have a tendency to choose black or whites! It actually isn't so bad. But going for bright colours is a fun thing to do :) Try, it would look good on you


Claire said...

i love playing with color. a few weeks back i did a pink and red mix and i was surprised how much i actually liked the combo. color can be intimidating though. it's one of those things i think you just get used to after doing it a while!


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