Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainy Day Frida Hair

I turned over a new leaf a couple days ago by actually doing something to my hair.  As you've probably noticed, I usually just leave it down and it does what it does.  This is something that I'd really like to work on as hair, makeup, and fashion go hand in hand.  You can really complement a look with an appropriate hairstyle or complementary swipe of bright lipstick.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  The day called for 80% chance of rain so I pulled out my rain-friendly staples:
Anthropologie jacket - birthday gift from Mom
Ipanema sandals - FC ($8)
Forever 21 dress - FC ($10)
Vintage belt - FC ($5)
Some tips regarding dressing for rainy weather:
-Rain Jacket - a cute jacket is an obvious choice to keep you protected from rain.
-Rain-Friendly Shoes - my sandals (designed by Gisele) are rubber and so I don't care if they get wet!  Rainboots are a great choice and another option is to wear flip-flops, bring the shoes you want to wear, and change when you get there!
-Short Hem - a comfy, short-length dress works great for the rain so you don't have to worry about getting the hem of your pants wet.
-Cute Umbrella - there are so many cute, affordable options these days...might have to go on a future wishlist of mine...

my final outfit
close-up of ruffle detail on jacket
Once I had my outfit picked out I went in the bathroom to fiddle with hair and makeup.  I knew I didn't want to blowdry my hair since it would just get rained on so I experimented with what I'm most comfortable: braids!  But I tried something new and came up with my own version of the "milkmaid braid"
how my hair looked from the front

and from the side...
I threw on my colorful statement necklace and native-american earrings and was instantly reminded of an unusual fashion icon, Frida Kahlo.  Who knew we could find inspiration not only from her colorful, passion-filled paintings but also from her personal style choices! What a trend-setter!
love the colors here
top-braid? yes, please!
she wove a ribbon in her braids!!!
here she did the same
and finished the look off with a pashmina

So, tell me:  How do you dress for rainy weather?  And what do you do with your hair?  Do you often resort to wearing it the same way every day (like I usually do) or do you experiment with it depending on your outfit or mood?

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