Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Best Form of Flattery: J.Crew edition

In my previous inspiration post I showed you some of my favorite looks from some of my favorite designers.  Now I'd like to show you my take on some of their looks!  Up first, inspiration from J.Crew:
(Old) Gap skirt - FC ($6.50)
J. Crew tee - FC ($7)
Vintage belt - STA ($5)
Scarf - gifted by my cousin
Pink Studio wedges - FC ($12)
Vintage LV (not featured in this pic) - handed down by Mom
Statement earrings - gifted, Camber; wrap bracelet - FC
wanted to show you how it looked from the side -
apologies for the pantie-line shot - I had no idea!!!

I took the inspiration to layer a belt on top of a scarf from this J. Crew look:

About my outfit:  I originally wanted to try this quirky combo over my coral dress (seen here, here and here) but didn't like the way it looked at all and ended up bringing it to the shop with me to consign.  Instead, I chose a skirt and top combination to create the illusion of a dress.  I love the unusual pairing of gray and brown and I think the scarf adds a subtle yet eye-catching touch to the outfit.  What I probably love most about this outfit is how lengthening the column skirt and monochromatic colors are.  My neck felt bare but since there was so much going on at my waist I decided, instead, on statement earrings and my go-to wrap bracelet.  I think the end result is a classic and elegant look!

Have you ever worn a belt on top of a scarf?

P.S. Stay tuned for more Inspiration Editions...a lot of people commented on the "grandma chic" J. Crew look so I'm thinking about including that one in this little segment :)  Let me know if there are any other looks you love and would like to see me re-create or feel free to link up to an inspired look of your own!!!


Baby Budget Blog said...

Very chic idea! Love the look of the belted scarf!!


Style Journey said...

I so need to try this! Love this whole outfit :) I have so many scarves and would love another way to style them. Thanks for the inspiration! Heather

Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

That dress is sooo pretty!!

xx love from London

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Such a pretty dress! And you look gorgeous! I should try this belt over a scarf thing... it looks nice!

kukiskuku said...

love the belt.nice blog.
following you now.please follow back if you like my beauty and fashion blog. :)

kileen said...

i love the idea of putting a belt over a scarf!! i'm definitely trying that soon!

cute & little

Meagan said...

This is so creative!

erica marie said...

I would have never thought to use a scarf under a belt...love the idea :)


kukiskuku said...

i'm sorry but i think there is a problem with something.because i checked again and i am following you.check out your followers list again.because i am damn sure that i am following you.i clicked the follow button again and it says that i'm already following you.

Daria said...

Such a great idea with a scarf. Really creative, you made the simple dress looking so chic.


Fashiable said...

Beautiful dress!


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

What a great idea- I've never thought of latering a belt on top of a scarf but now I will have to give it a try! Your dress is beautiful- I love the muted colours!


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