Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pastels are for Summer

Trying to find a balance between longing for Fall and holding onto the last little bit of Summer sunshine...
Billabong skirt - FC ($7)
Billabong tank top - FC ($6.50)
Vintage belt - thrifted via Bargain Box ($2)
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Francesca's purse - gifted, Mom
Vintage freshwater pearl necklaces - gift, great aunt
Handmade origami crane earrings - FC ($10)
My heart is torn because, in terms of weather, I love the summertime.  In terms of fashion however...every girl knows: Fall is where it's at.  I can't wait for layers upon layers, boots (recently scored some new vintage ones), and my favorite go-to trench.  For now, though, the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful - in the upper 80s these days.  I might as well take advantage of it, and squeeze out as many Summer-inspired outfits as I can, because before we know it...I'll be longing for summer dresses, bare legs, and soft pastels again : ).

About my outfit:  the tank is actually cinched at the waist, I just pulled my skirt up to meet it.  My necklace is a set of 3 tiny freshwater pearl necklaces in pale pink, cream and green-ish.  I wrapped them around twice so it looks like a lot more than it really is.  My glamorous great aunt Margaret gave them to me when I was in high school.  My earrings are handmade origami crane earrings.  Awesome, right?  I have never understood how someone folds such a tiny piece of paper so beautifully!

Do you have any Summer outfits you are still squeezing out while you still can?  What fashion trend will you miss about summertime?  What trend are you most excited for this Fall?


Style Journey said...

What a cool skirt with the buttons. Your purse is also really cute! We are both going to transition our summer dresses into fall by layering. Also looking forward to boots!

Tealia said...

i recently wore a really summery dress! and im really gonna miss the short skirts and tanks :( buuut im really excited for socks n heels :)


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