Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Layered Look

I got spoiled with the cool weather this weekend and didn't want to give up my layers even though the temperatures climbed back up into the 80s...
Eight Sixty dress - FC ($12)
Abercrombie button down - FC @ MJ - ($7)
Vintage belt - thrifted, BB ($2)
Embroidered boots - gift, BF
Vintage Dooney & Bourke - FC ($40)
Multicolor friendship bracelets; Fossil earrings

I included that last picture so that you could get an accurate glimpse at the color of my shirt.  It's a very, very light blue/chambray color.  For some reason the light picks it up and makes it look white or just strangely bright when the lighting is actually good.  Weird, I know.

Since the weather was warming back up I picked a floral, flirty dress.  I still wanted to keep with the Fall-feeling though so threw on some boots and belted a button down up top.  I continued the layered look with multicolor friendship bracelets stacked on my wrist, tying in the embroidery on the boots.

Do you love to layer?


Style Journey said...

This outfit is perfection! I just love every single thing about it. The floral dress, the button up, the belt, the boots! This is something that I would definitely wear :) Those boots are A-MAZING! Heather

Baby Budget Blog said...

Great dress and boots!!

Rin said...

Great outfit for transitioning from summer to fall (or, in your case, fall back to summer). I think the belt over the shirt and dress looks awesome. Overall, I'm just loving this outfit.


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