Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Pack for a Trip: Part 1

I recently went home to visit my parents in Greensboro.  This is what I wore the first day:
Billabong skirt - FC ($7)
Xhilaration top - from Mom via Uptown Cheapskate re-sale
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse - FC ($40)
Vintage belt - thrifted via BB ($2)
Vintage "personal jewelry" and wrap bracelets
Wanted to show you the exposed zipper back detail
Glad to have this close-up:
Middle finger ring - from BF's grandmother
Ring finger ring - from Mom
Necklace - from Mom, matches ring

With all the blog talk of packing for NYFW and "what I wore" during NYFW, I wanted to do my own version of packing for a trip!  Sadly, I was not able to travel north to New York...I'm still in Wilmington...working...  BUT, recently I traveled the 3 hours "north" to Greensboro and what you see in the picture is what I brought with me: my bag of clothes, my computer bag, and my purse.  It can be intimidating to pack for a trip because you want to have options: shoes, purses, matching jewelry, etc.

Well, to make it easier on you, here are my tips for packing for a trip:
  • Plan your outfits!  Whether you sketch, jot down notes, throw it on the bed, or just play it out in your head, planning ahead will certainly lighten your load.
  • Stick with a similar color palette.  This will keep you from grabbing four different purses in four different colors...and shoes to match...and jewelry too...
  • Better yet, stick with the same shoes and purse.  Boring, I know but it's easy and saves space.  If you choose neutral colors it will pretty much go with everything and saves the headache of transferring all the items from one purse to the next (a chore I always dread, don't you?).
  • Think: layers.  If you're going on a lengthy trip, choosing pieces that can be layered up to create new and different outfits will save you a lot of space.  (ex: a tunic that can be worn as a dress, as a shirt tucked into a skirt or jeans, or as a skirt if you throw a shirt on top)
  • Think: statement pieces.  Sometimes you just have to let a dress be a dress.  I often get caught up in "making outfits" out of layer upon layer of pieces.  If you have a fabulous dress, it will save packing room for all the new stuff you're going to get and it will be sure to match and stand out against the neutral shoes and purse you chose!

For this trip I decided to stick with the same shoes, purse, belt and accessories and was able to be creative with my clothes.  
I'm also happy to finally provide you a close-up of the jewelry I wear everyday.  I call it my "personal jewelry."  The filigree ring I wear everyday was handed down to me from my boyfriend's grandmother.  The combination yellow and rose gold leaf ring was handed down to me from Mom.  She later gave me the necklace that matches (that I don't wear everyday, however).  
So, this is what I wore the first day...check back to see how I utilized the same accessories in my 2nd day's outfit!

How do you pack for a trip?  Do you have any tips and tricks of your own?  Share or link up any of your own posts in the comments!


Rin said...

Love this floral top!

I'm an awful packer! I just throw in some pants and some tee shirts. lol. I do much better when I have my whole closet to work with.

kileen said...

what a beautiful top and i totally agree that packing statement pieces is the best way to look stylish when traveling!

cute & little


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