Friday, June 24, 2011

Neutral Stripes

I love stripes and the Spring/Summer season is the perfect time to sport this trend!  Designers went crazy with stripes this season, especially in bold colors:
Marc Jacobs, Prada, Fendi
Prada campaign
(last 3 photos via, visit for list of designers)
As you might recall bright, bold stripes are on my wishlist...but for now, I have settled with nautical and neutral stripes.  I do love a good neutral as it goes with anything and allows plenty of creativity with accessories.  It also transitions well to Fall/Winter as seen on the Thakoon runway and Prada's more F/W-friendly bag:

Here is my take on the neutral stripe look (that I will still be wearing into the Fall, thus maximizing my wardrobe!):
Banana Republic top - FC ($7.50)
Delia's jeans - Uptown Cheapskate via Mom
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo heels - FC ($12)
Vintage gold chain necklace + belt - FC ($5)
Vintage LV speedy - gifted from Mom
I paired it with gold for an all-neutral look (which I'm really loving right now).  For your very own version of neutral stripes click on any of these fab finds (all $50 or less):

Do you wear stripes?  What's your favorite: neutral, nautical, or bold? Let me know or post your look in the comments!

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Catarina Lopes said...

Very inspiring your post Amanda!! I'm follow you ;)


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