Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot Pants!

Shorts are an essential wardrobe staple in the North Carolina summertime.  We saw a wide variety of  styles of shorts in some of the Spring/Summer runway shows:
Paul & Joe, Vanessa Bruno
My personal favorite, however, are reminiscent of the 70s where women pushed the boundaries of what was too short and too tight, but never too high-waisted.  You may know the style of shorts I'm talking about as hot pants:

I finally got a pair of super-high-waisted shorts that remind me a lot of the hot pants of the 70s...however, I got mine in a size bigger than what I normally wear so they don't fit quite so skin tight and the length is work-appropriate!  Here's how I wear them:
New H&M shorts - FC ($10)
Vintage Anne Klein blouse - FC ($7.50)
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo heels - FC ($12)
Vintage gold choker - FC ($6)
Fossil rose stud earrings - FC ($4)
I went with a blouse top to offset the tightness and shortness of the shorts and kept the jewelry simple with the gold theme seen throughout the look (in heels, belt, and necklace).

And I'd like to end with a song that sums up the inspiration behind this post:

What are your favorite shorts?  Are they high-waisted too?  Are they hot pants???

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