Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gold Tones And More Stripes!

A few things I'm really digging right now:
-stripes (this is either the 2nd or 3rd time I'm wearing some this week!)
-crochet (wore a vest yesterday (pic to come) and there are 2 skirts in my holds at work)
-neutrals neutrals neutrals!  I tried some things on yesterday at work and ended up with a pile of varying pieces in varying shades of beige/cream/tan about 5 pieces high.  When I'm into something...I'm really into it.
Here's something similar to what I've got on today:

What I'm Wearing And Where I Got It:
1. Jeans: Delias dark wash skinnys - thrifted with Mom in Gboro
2. Top: Banana Republic tan stripe flutter sleeve - FC
3. Shoes: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo gold accent tan low pumps (had no idea how much these babies are really worth til I saw the $200+ price tag on "shopstyle") - FC
4. Belt: Vintage brown leather on cream stretch - gifted from Mom
5. Accessories: gold multi chain necklace, oversized cream flower on gold ring + usual gold rings, wooden handmade earrings

I also want to share Yesterday's Look with you because I really liked it!  It's interesting how we sometimes choose to listen to people's opinions and how we sometimes disregard them.  The distressed jeans below:  I wasn't sure about them because I don't typically go for the ripped-up look but BFF loved them.  Well I went for it because I really liked the fit and needed a lighter wash for summer...I was really pleased with the outcome (yesterday was my first time wearing).  Then I tried another pair that BFF looooved but I hated and knew I would never wear so I passed on them.  My friend at work said, "If you don't love them it's not worth it"...really good advice that we should all try to follow more often!

What I Wore And Where I Got It:
1. Jeans: Indigo 6 lightwash distressed semi-boyfriend-style - FC
2. Shirt: Brown tee (can't remember brand-nothing special) - FC
3. Vest: Cream crochet vest (so in love) - FC
4. Shoes: Vintage tan gladiators - FC
5.Accessories: (lots) brown beaded wrap bracelet - handmade by me; gold FC cuff; vintage? cream and gold tone butterfly necklace FC; usu gold rings + new cream oversized flower from FC; vintage cloisonne butterfly studs (same style as unicorn ones I won on ebay) FC

I decided to go girly on top with the sweet crochet and butterfly theme to counter the ripped-up jeans and I was just so pleased with the result!

I'm so excited that my family will be heading to the beach today!  I'm hoping that my sister will take some pics of my previous looks so I can do a compare the look day (or whatever).  Also, I'm thinking of considering this my month-long trial run and re-vamping/re-organizing once I get a camera!  I'm very excited about this, contemplating themes and other fun things...I'd just like for this to be more organized and flow much more nicely (right now it's like my thought process which can be all over the place!)...So, stay tuned and be looking forward to all the great things I have planned for us, bloggers!


Rachella said...

Hi dear, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your followings on chictopia and my blog. I really love your comments! Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon x

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

cute look!



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