Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Southwestern Ladylike

I usually don't do monochromatic looks...I like a lot of color and pattern.  But today I decided to pair a silk black skirt with a similarly-feeling rayon black print tank to create the illusion of a dress and I really like how it turned out!

What I'm Wearing And Where I Got It:
1. Skirt: Vintage Ants House black silk uneven hem maxi - FC
2. Top: Lucy Love black w/multicolor feather print (couldn't quite find a match up there) tank - FC
3. Sandals: Ipanema by Gisele black gladiator thong sandals - FC
4. Belt: Vintage black belt with silver leaf/feather buckle - FC
5. Sweater: Rice by Anthropologie robin's egg blue cardi (but really it's too hot to wear) - Mom gift
6. Accessories: Southwestern flare turquoise in silver rings, carnelian in silver cuff, multicolor wooden beaded necklace

I've been really digging fun bottoms these days.  It used to be that I would find a lot of tops but for some reason I've been on a (mostly vintage) bottom kick...probably because vintage sizes fit me better and it's so fun to play with different length/print skirts in the warm weather time!

Also, I just want to take the time to say I'm really lucky to work at such an awesome consignment store!  I realize it every time I do the "where i got it" part...most of my stuff comes from the Fairy Circle and if I didn't work there I'm sure I would have to put a harness on my shopping habbit!

And lastly, my family will be here at the beach in less than a week!  I'm soooo excited but for now, I have lots of work to do!

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Rhonda said...

Wow, your wardrobe is really growing. I love your eclectic style and the fact that you aren't afraid to try different looks. I can't wait to see actual pictures of your outfits.


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