Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barely Baring

My mom actually inspired this look when she told me she tied a shirt in front over a skirt she wore to church...
Vintage pleated skirt - FC ($8)
Vintage Prada silk blouse - FC ($24)
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse - FC ($40)
Bandeau - F21; layered necklaces - thrifted

...that and this picture of the always-gorgeous-Liz from Late Afternoon...
So, yeah, Mom inspired me to tie my shirt (which is a fun way to retro-ify your outfit) and Liz inspired me to bare some skin as well as provided the perfect hair accessory to complete the outfit.  I love that, separately, the pieces feel so fancy (a silk blouse and pleated skirt) but because of the styling, it's got a casual-chic twist! And, yeah, you read it right: Prada.  Just one of my lucky finds from working at a consignment store!

This is probably one of my more "experimental outfits" and I was really pleased with it!  Oh, FYI - I did button the shirt for work.  Since I work in "clothing" I could get away with this outfit just as it is...but, I don't know, modesty took over and I buttoned all the buttons.  It did, however, still leave a peek of skin showing where my skirt and shirt didn't quite meet.  So I bared a little midriff, after all!

On to business: I have fallen behind on the 21 Day Challenge and while I was planning on linking this to "new hair-do" it's not technically new (I tried it here with poor picture quality previously).  I will instead link this to "copycat" since I practically copied Liz's look and, not to mention, I have an idea for a new hair-do that is, actually, new for me...so stay tuned!
21 Day Challenge

How do you feel about baring a little skin?  Is it a trend you would try?


two birds said...

i love this look! you look absolutely beautiful!

Denise said...

You look amazing! I really loved your outfit and you look like a model (are you? You look like one I saw on TV today!)
Really gorgeous outfit!

Joanie Coyote said...

I found your post at Two Birds. I love your version of the style challenge. I wore a vintage dress today and tried to modern it up.

Okay, I'm going to check out some of your other posts now.



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