Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Straight Maxi

It is no big secret that I love maxi skirts.  In fact you've already seen me wear one here, here, here, here and (the same one worn differently) here.
(old) Gap skirt - FC ($6.50)
Anthropologie top (on sale) - gifted, Mom
Vintage belt - from Mom
Michael Kors tri-color purse - FC ($35)
Vintage (turn-of-century) necklace - birthday gift from Mom
Pink Studio wedges - FC ($12)
close up of my birthday necklace
even closer close-up!
This skirt is what I've come to call the "straight maxi" as opposed to the more flowy styles (this one would be a good example).  I love the feel of the tribal top but I've only ever worn it in the Fall over a pair of skinny jeans and boots.  I wasn't sure how to make it work for Summer since it's a little too voluminous to tuck in.  Then it dawned on me: why not utilize the stick-straight maxi skirt as if they were straight-leg skinny jeans!  I just love the look that came out of it and realized the gray in the shirt coordinates perfectly with the skirt.

This spread I found on demonstrates 2 totally different ways to style a straight or "column" maxi for Fall!
On to the the rest of the outfit:  I belted the top to keep my waist defined under all that fabric, allowing me to link this to the 21 Day Challenge's "belt it" prompt!  I typically tuck in when I belt so this is sort of a new way to "belt it" for me...another blogger and I agreed, a better prompt (for us) would be to not belt it since I seriously belt everything these days!
21 Day Challenge

The necklace was my birthday present from my mom - we found it at Preen, this awesome all-jewelry vintage shop.  Can you believe that?  This place was huge, you guys and filled with nothing but vintage jewelry!  I was in heaven.  This necklace is from the turn of the century and it is technically composed of a vintage pin pendant and old-school watch chains.  Love it- thanks, Mom!!!

Do you love maxi skirts as much as me?  Do you prefer straight or flowy?  How do you wear yours?


Stream said...

Lovely maxi skirt and necklace!! I love the way you wore this trend!


Meagan said...

Who doesn't love a great maxi? And I really like your top!

Rin said...

I haven't seen too many straight maxis styled by bloggers. I love the way you styled it!


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