Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bow Tie Blouse

This is a first: finding, photographing and posting about an item on my August Wishlist in August
Ann Taylor bow-tie blouse - thrfited ($4.50)
(new w/tag) H&M shorts - FC ($10)
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage Louis Vuitton bag - hand-me-down from Mom
F21 sunglasses; pendant from BF's gma; wrap bracelets + cuff
left the tie hanging loose to elongate my silhouette
another way to tie the "bow"
and yet another way!

My friend Camber (you can see her featured here) used to hit up the thrift stores about once a week.  Well, she's got a big-girl job now and our schedules don't line up so nicely anymore.  Sad face.  So I ventured into Bargain Box, our favorite thrift store here in town, by myself a couple days ago.  They have a vintage room (awesome, I know) and I always check it out first.  I went into the dressing room with an armful and came out with nothing.  Depressed and about to leave, I saw this blouse hanging up on the wall.  Bingo!  Ann Taylor (not Loft) 100% silk bow-tie blouse for $4.50?  Yes, please!!!

Though you can't see the color clearly in these photos the blouse is a pale shade of lavender.  The brown in the shorts complements it perfectly creating a neutral-esque monochromatic look.  Apparently InStyle did an article titled "You Can Do Summer Neutrals" (May) featuring soft purples and pinks.  I couldn't find it online anywhere but Jordana Brewster pulls off the lavender-as-a-neutral look nicely:
via posh24.com

You can also see a wrist full of arm candy.  That's me participating in the 21 Day Challenge again.  I LOVE to layer accessories (see more here) be it necklaces, bracelets or a hand full of rings so this challenge was a piece of cake for me!  Hint: wrap-around bracelets are an easy way to pull off the "layered" look!  Here are some affordable options but they are also an easy DIY - let me know if you want to know how!

My question for you is:  How do you feel about "atypical" neutrals?  Are there any soft colors you've pulled off as a neutral?  And what do you think of layered accessories?  Did you participate in this prompt of the 21 Day Challenge?


Hannah said...

beautiful! I love that blouse, great find!

Eliza said...

I have a soft peach peasant blouse that I love with choc brown slacks or khakis. Not sure if that qualifies as an atypical neutral, but that's how I'm answering.

Meagan said...

Don't you love going into a thrift store and finding exactly what you want? And I am dying over those shorts-so perfect!

Stream said...

I love layering bracelets too, your shorts are so cute!!
BTW, Thanks for your comments :)


a Bug and Bird said...

you are rockin' this look!

Rin said...

Great blouse!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

That blouse is gorgeous- I've been looking for a bow tie blouse for ages- I'll have to check out my local thrift store now! I also really love the colour of your shorts and I am drooling over your LV bag!

two birds said...

that blouse is amazing and gorgeous on you! i wish every thrift store had a vintage room. that sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

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