Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Midi

Yes, I've gone and done it again.  Another midi?  I can't help it: I love this trend!  Although midi skirts aren't typically recommended for girls of my height (4'11'' remember), I'm going to show you how short girls can still pull off this 40s-inspired trend:
Lida Baday skirt - FC ($22)
Ann Taylor blouse - thrifted, BB ($4)
Me Too heels - FC ($14)
Vintage clutch - FC ($10)
Vintage turn-of-century necklace - birthday gift, Mom

About my outfit:  This was my first time wearing this fabulous skirt.  I chose to pair it with my silky bow-tie blouse.  The blouse is a soft lavender with subtle shades of gray and I thought the skirt really picked up on that.  To be honest, in the future I will wear it with a more fitted top (I think that is important when wearing a midi skirt).  I paired it with almost-neutral heels and added the clutch and necklace for touches of vintage.

Tips for wearing midi skirts (especially for short girls):
  • Make sure your midi is the right length for you:  as a general rule, midi skirts should hit just below the "thickest" part of your calf.  If they hit mid-calf, your legs will look wider and shorter.  If they hit just above your ankle, you will appear shorter.  Right below the calf seems to be the perfect length for shorter girls.
  • Make sure to wear a high-heel or wedge in a neutral shade:  we all know neutral shoes elongate our legs.  This is especially important when wearing midis.  Avoid ankle straps which cut your leg off, making them seem shorter.  And in my experience, the higher the heel, the better!
  • Make sure your midi is high-waisted:  this isn't hard since many midi skirts you'll find will be vintage.  The higher waistline elongates your legs, and not to mention is super flattering.
  • Make sure you pair your midi with a slim top:  it's really all about elongating your frame to combat the "shortness" created by the midi skirt.  A slim top (especially in a similar or monochromatic color scheme) will keep the focus in a long line, creating a seemingly taller you!

Would you wear a midi skirt?

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Style Journey said...

These are great tips for wearing a midi. You pulled it off beautifully. The silk bow blouse is a perfect pairing. I love midis. I have a new floral one that I am looking forward to wearing next week! Heather

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Your midi skirt is perfect and so are these tips. It can be a hard trend for less tall girls, but you've done it beautifully.

Rin said...

This skirt is amazing. Its making me want one, and I've been steering clear of the trend because I'm only a couple inches taller than you. But you're definitely proving me wrong here.

amandasmom said...

Your skirt is fabulous and fits you beautifully.

SassyUptownChic said...

It's a great skirt and you look awesome in it girl! Good for you for not listening to what you should wear. It looks amazing on you.

The Closet Shopper said...

That skirt is fabulous, you're right! You look incredible.


Hayley Lynn said...

I am absolutely in love with this outfit! that skirt is to die for! you're just the cutest!


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