Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mixing Prints for Fall

It was not my intention to mix these prints.  I grabbed one of my favorite sweater-style skirts for Fall and when looking for a new top to wear with it, I stumbled upon a print-mixed masterpiece!
Coincidence&Chance skirt - FC ($13)
Xhilaration top - from Mom via Uptown Cheapskate
Mossimo cardi - Xmas gift from Mom
Soho Lab wedges - FC ($10)
Vintage belt - hand-me-down, Mom
Vintage Louis Vuitton - hand-me-down, Mom
Personal pendant; wrap bracelet, FC; wrap bracelet, DIY

About my outfit:  I usually pair this skirt with a plain black top but I've been trying to experiment with color more and change-up my looks by stepping outside of my comfort zone.  When I laid this shirt on my bed next to my skirt, I noticed that the colors matched to a T.  I tried it on and loved the quirky look of it!  I tied it together with Mom's old belt and neutral wedges.  The cardigan brings out the mustard color and, even though it has its own subtle print, I think this "clash" works surprisingly well.  I finished off the look by tying in the brown on both my wrists (still enamored with Atlantic-Pacific's use of accessories) and the personal pendant the BF's grandmother gave to me, which sits in the V of the shirt perfectly.

On another note, how was everyone's Halloween weekend??  The BF and I were "cowboys and indians" and we went downtown to scope out all the costumes.  I totally forgot to get pictures, and I doubt I can convince him to dress up again, but maybe I can get a picture of mine to share with you.  We recovered rested the next day and then watched a medley of scary movies last night, including Let Me In, The Funhouse, and Halloween: Resurrection (all available on Netflix if you're feeling jealous...)

*If you missed the 2nd edition of the Best Form of Flattery, be sure to check it out here!  The link-up is open until Sunday so you still have plenty of time to share your inspired-look, and I'd love to see it!!!


Style Journey said...

Now this is pattern mixing that I would definitely do! You make it look very effortless. Love the navy and mustard combo. Heather

Charmaine said...

I love the mixed pattern hear. The consisent colour really helps pull it together

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

What a fabulous outfit - I love how all the prints work together!

The Closet Shopper said...

You're killing the mix patterns look. I love that it was by accident and then it turned out looking so fab.


SassyUptownChic said...

Hey Amanda! Well your stumbled on outfit is awesome girl. I wish I could stumble and put together an outfit like that. Love the prints and that mustard sweater is fab. love your LV Speedy bag. I have one and LOVE it! It's my everyday bag. Found your blog from Tinfoil Tiaras. Hope you're having a great day!

Bonnie said...

These mixed prints look great. I have seen some that don't look so good, but you did a really awesome job with it.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Fabulous. Easily one of my favorite mixed print outfits. And I love that belt with it - it's perfect because its not matchy-matchy.

CP said...

OMG! Cutest outfit EVER!!! =) I love the way the top pairs with the skirt. This is a prime example of pattern-mixing done well. So glad I found your blog!


Kat said...

Those prints are so complementary they look like they could have been designed together. Fantastic. I love natural light too but Ottawa's getting cold these days (and dark by the time I get home). I might try to get some photos on the other side of my apartment though to take advantage of our huge windows.

Shana said...

Loving the mix of these patterns!! the colors are right on! That skirt is adorbale...I love the stripes!

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Anonymous said...

Cutie. :3

Mongs said...

I like this outfit on you, I like how you use the mustard color to pull the whole look together. You mixed the prints very well, really chic!


Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Wow what a beautiful outfit- I love how the patterns transition together so nicely! I also love your hair in braided pigtails- looks so cute! I'll be linking up to your flattery challenge either tomorrow or Friday :)

Julie said...

This is a terrific mix of prints. I adore this look. That shirt and skirt look like they definitely belong together.



Pop Champagne said...

ooh I love your mixture of prints and color! this is such a chic fall look! and haha cowboys and indians is a great couple costume idea

amandasmom said...

Maybe one of my all time favorites of yours. You make fabulous stumbles because you are so true to your color palette that

Nnenna said...

You did such a great job mixing prints here! And I just love your cheerful yellow cardigan :)

star-crossed smile

Rin said...

This totally is the heaven of mixed prints. Its really different, but I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love the prints together! The whole outfit works so well - the fall colors are perfect!!


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