Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weird Weather calls for a Fall Formula

I realize I talk about the weather fairly often on this blog.  Well, folks, the weather really determines what I will be wearing for the day!  The temperatures have jumped all over the place: today's low is higher than the high of earlier in the week.  To keep up with these crazy changes, I utilize my love of layering:
F21 dress - FC ($10)
F21 sweater - FC ($7.50) also worn here and here
Boots - Xmas gift from BF
Vintage belt - thrifted via BB ($2)
Anthropologie purse - Xmas gift from Mom
Scarf - gifted from long ago

About my outfit:  The weatherman told me the high for the next couple of days will be in the lower 70s with a chance of rain.  This kind of prediction calls for my Fall Formula - skirt/dress + sweater, rain-friendly boots and lots of layers.  I started out with a simple cotton dress and then belted my sweater over it for extra warmth/comfort.  My boots are not real leather so I feel safe wearing them in the rain.  I finished the look off with a chunky chain-link necklace and then added some color with my scarf, which tied in the colors in my purse and boots!  Oh, and this milk-maid braid is my go-to "chance of rain" hairstyle - no point in fixing your hair if it's just going to get rained on, if you ask me :)

What is the most determining factor for how you will dress each day?
Do you have any "formulas" or tips for weird weather changes?


Style Journey said...

I love how you layered the sweater over the dress. It makes it look totally different. As far as getting dressed, the weather, that time of the month, and just my general mood determines what I will wear most of the time. Cute braids too :)


Laura said...

Love the layering! And especially love your necklace! Speaking of jewelry... mm hmm yeah you won! Send me a message with your mailing address through my contact form so I can get this beauty on your wrist! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Well this is eerie...I just posted an outfit that was exactly this formula! It's my go-to fall or winter outfit too...a cotton shift dress with an oversized sweater belted on top and layers of necklaces or a scarf, legwarmers/tights and boots! Love the look :) I usually dress by picking one piece that I'm just REALLY in the mood to wear and that makes me feel happy to look at...and then build my outfit around that. I'm horrible with weather...gotten in trouble that way many a time :D

<3 Cambria

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I love the scarf! its so pretty.. and i like how it almost matches to the boots!

erica marie said...

I definitely know what you mean, the weather here can be pretty crazy here as well. cute look, love your braided updo.

xo erica

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Your hair looks so cute and I love the pattern mixing and layering! Layering is essential for Canadian winters-it's pretty mild here so hard to dress for the winter when there's snow outside but it's barely below 0 degrees celcius!

Megan said...

I love this outfit! So many awesome colors and layers.

Rachel said...

I love how you layered here! The necklace, the way you styled your belt and the colors in the scarf are all great.

And weather is the biggest factor, especially now. I get cold easily and considering its been under 20 here the past couple days... layers and thick socks are necessary. Sometimes I struggle to keep my personal style in my outfits when the weather gets cold, icy and snowy, so it is great to see how other people layer!

Natasha said...

The boots, the scarf, the belt, All so amazing together!!
Gosh I want those boots so bad!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

SassyUptownChic said...

Your hairstyle is so adorable! I love it. Those boots and scarf are too cute. Love the patterns and colors in them. :D

Annie said...

Love your Fall Formula...and the way you belted that top :)

The Other Side of Gray

Mongs said...

Very ethnic look, I love the earthly tones of your scarf in contrast of the pastel blue striped dress. Nice mix of color and patterns. I still love your tribal inspired boots


Hayley Lynn said...

seriously SO CUTE. you're just the cutest girl ever. and you inspire me so much!


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