Saturday, February 25, 2012

How I Packed for Arizona

A while ago I asked you guys to Help me Pack.  I received a lot of great feedback like "roll your clothes instead of folding" and to "think layers" or "utilize accessories to dress up basic outfits" and ended up bringing some great layered-up looks.  I used polyvore to help me visualize each outfit.

I also jotted down notes for myself, which greatly reduced my packing time!  (highly recommend this)

So...what did I end up with??

Travel Days - I wore my (first and only) leggings on the plane with an oversized sweater, my denim shirt which I sometimes wear as a jacket and my heaviest (Dex) boots.  On the way back I layered a button-down under my sweater but pretty much followed the same formula.

Day 1 - We did a fair amount of shopping the first the day, so I knew I wanted to be comfortable and have a good base to try clothes on.  I went with my polyvore Day 2 look which consisted of my comfy skinny jeans, plaid button down, and peach sweater layered over.  I originally planned on wearing my new statement bib-necklace, but decided against as I didn't want to pull it on and off every time I tried on something.  This went nicely with my embroidered (and comfortable) flat boots.

Day 2 - More shopping and errands warranted the same skinny jeans, another button-down and this time, a sweater-vest.  I wore my red Dex boots with this look since I knew I'd be on my feet less. (see polyvore Day 4)

Day 3 - Saturday, party day, I put off showering until closer to the party.  We went to this amazing art festival and the weather was absolutely amazing.  I threw on my alternate - gray stripe dress, cropped Free People sweater and comfortable flat boots (see here) for walking, then added a scarf, just in case it got cool.  For the party that night I went with my mesh material White House Black Market dress (a traveler's dream - it doesn't wrinkle when you pack it!) and kept it simple with black tights and booties, my diamond necklace (Xmas gift from BF) and added a pop of color with a funky scarf.

Day 4 - We went and had lunch with Mom's dad on the last full day of the trip.  For this outing I went with polyvore Day 3 - my Coincidence & Chance sweater-skirt, blue elegantees bow-tie blouse, and, of course, my red Dex boots.  Afterwards I gave my mom the elegantees shirt because I thought it fit her better, and let's face it - she gifts me things all the time!

In the end, I had packed just a few unnecessary items (but I'd rather have the option than not!).  For the most part, I got a lot of wear out of what I packed, and utilized layering as it was cooler in the mornings and warmed up during the day.  I'll try to snap some pictures soon of exactly what I wore so you can really visualize it!  ...Stay tuned...

How do you pack for a trip?
Do you tend to pack too much or too little??

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Kat said...

When I get the chance, I love to overpack. But I can keep it light when I need to. Places like Walmart sell these nifty bags you can seal all the air out of with a vacuum hose. You have to watch you luggage weight but it's amazing how much room you'll free up.

My dad is super duper organized and he has a master packing list (easier for men, I know) for winter and summer. I find my outfits very destination-dependent but it's nice for keeping track of the other stuff (cell phone charger!)


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