Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another One...

So I forgot to show some of the best parts of my outfit: My rainy day trench and new spring purse!
Well, of course I couldn't find either on shopstyle so here is what I googled:
Clinton Trench
This is my anthropologie trench, gifted from Mom, and the best part about it is the multicolor forrest animal print lining (which sort of matches the forrest animal shirt I'm wearing)

Twisted Bag
This bag is similar to the one I switched to today, again gifted from Mom via Francesca's, but mine is pale pink and the texture is more scalloped than braided (or whatever is going on in that pic).  I'm not a big pink person but I really love the color of this bag for Spring!

Now, as promised, is yesterday's super-cute, sunny warm day, outfit:

What I Wore and Where I Got It:
1. Dress: Heritage by Forever 21 gray stripe t-shirt dress (the hemline on mine is not asymmetrical, but I wish it was 'cause the dress in the picture is so cute!) - FC
2. Jacket/Shirt: Abercrombie chambray button down (sort of menswear style) worn as jacket/sweater - FC (MJ)
3. Belt: vintage etched tan belt - thrifted during super sale so cost me like $2!
4. Sandals: vintage gladiators featuring slight wooden wedge (these are my go-to spring/summer sandals, they are fabulous!) - FC
5. Necklace: vintage 3 strand gold necklace - FC
6. Earrings: the feather earrings shown are not actually what I wore but do look similar to a pair I have and could've/should've worn ha! What I really wore were these rectangular wooden earrings from an artist by the river here in Wilmington!

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devorelebeaumonstre. said...

LOVE that bag. x

p.s. I'm having 2 giveaways on my blog right now for shirts from SOL & studded denim shorts from Runway Dreamz if you'd like to check it out. xx


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