Thursday, April 7, 2011

My first blog post

So, I've finally decided to go ahead and jump on the blog train.  I decided this for 2 reasons:

1. Family and friends - the main reason to go forward with this was that every time I talked to my mom on the phone I would say, "Ah! I wish you could see what I'm wearing today!" and hopefully this will allow just that!

2. Myself - ha.  But really, after 6 months of reading other's blogs, getting inspired by their photos, new outfit ideas in my head every other minute, developing crushes on items I could never in a million years afford...I decided I would have my own go.

Now, I spent a good portion of this morning playing around with the auto feature in my camera, grabbing a few photos that did no justice to me, just so that I could capture today's outfit.  Well...can't connect my camera to the computer.  I found this website that allows you to search items, pick favorites, and design outfits called shopstyle.  So I created a similar outfit to share...

Ta-Da!    What I'm Wearing and Where I Got It:
1. Vintage maxi pleated skirt (mine is a little stiffer, sort of like men's khakis, but a skirt!) - thrifted
2. J. Crew white tee - Fairy Circle find
3. Mossimo mustard print cardi - gifted from Mom
4. Tan SoHo Lab wedges - FC find
5. Brown, orange and blue wooden beaded necklace - FC

Alright, well, I'm sure this is enough for a first blog post...hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more!

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