Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black and Gold

Another shopping secret is that I write down what I wear each day in my planner.  Now, some people may think this excessive but I find it helpful, especially since I work in retail, as it allows all the clothes in my closet equal opportunity.  If I don't keep track, I forget what I wore and end up wearing the same things (especially because they end up on top after laundry day).  Anyway, this blog is helping even more since I can visually see what I wore rather than just the notes I took!
Today boyfriend said I looked hot which is a refreshing new outlook as compared to his previous statement: that I looked like a mormon school teacher.  Ha! He's so funny.  I've been wearing a lot of colors lately so today I went the opposite end of the spectrum: black and gold (with a little bit of brown)

What I'm Wearing and Where I Got It:
1. Dress: Max studio black wrap dress (featuring crochet detail on shoulders) - FC
2. Cami: Gold michael stars camisole - FC
3. Wedges: Pink Studio basket weave wedge (real picture below) - FC
4. Belt: Vintage multi woven leather - FC
5. Jewelry: Necklace: vintage 3 strand gold - FC; Bracelet: gold cuff - FC; Rings: Vintage rose gold leaf - Mom and vintage filigree - boyfriend's grandma; Earrings: vintage gold mushroom studs - Mom

Here is a close up of the actual wedges I'm wearing of which the woven wedge part perfectly matches my belt!
Wicker Weave Wedges
Close up of weaving:
Wicker Weave Wedges
Well, I've got to really get some work done today...I'm going home this week so maybe you'll get to see some actual outfit photos!  Fingers crossed!


Rhonda said...

I love, love, love those shoes! Awesome blog but would really like to see your actual outfits and your darling face.

Maddalena said...



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