Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cloudy Sunday

It was supposed to be sunny and warm today...turning out to be cloudy, not as warm as promised, with a chance of rain.  Oh well, I'm inside today anyway.
Last night boyfriend and I went grocery shopping together (which is a chore I always dread) and we actually had an enjoyable experience!  Then we came home and had a glass of wine while boyfriend cooked 4 cheese sausages on the grill and I readied the yellow peppers topped with romano cheese to also go on the grill all the while listening to Manu Chao, a latino artist who sings songs in Spanish, English and French about mostly political issues.  It was just delightful, like a scene from a movie!  We finished the night (and bottle of wine) watching "Despicable Me" which was cute and pretty funny.
Now, I didn't do too well on shopstyle with today's outfit but here goes:

What I'm Wearing and Where I Got It:
1. Jeans: Cello skinny jeans rolled above my ankle - FC
2. Tank top: Billabong peach/turquoise print cinched waist - FC
3. Sweater: Rice by Anthro turquoise cardi (again) - gifted from Mom
4. Wedges: Tan Soho Lab peep toe slight wedge (but aren't those free people wedges soooo cute?) - FC
5. Earrings: Handmade origami crane earrings (mine are pale pink) - FC
6. Necklace: 3 strands long vintage freshwater pearl (cream, pink, turq.) - gifted from Great Aunt
7. Ring : Turquoise in silver ring - FC
8. Purse: Same one I showed in last post but this color and texture is closer, however mine has a chain strap

Now, here is a picture I googled that more accurately depicts my awesome earrings (and it doesn't even really do them justice either!)  Can you believe these are handmade and only $10!

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